iPad App Video Review: Age of Zombies

Nov 1, 2010

Watch out! Zombies are attacking the world and this time they’re even taking over the past! Age of Zombies is a game from popular developer Halfbrick, creators of the hit games Monster Dash and Fruit Ninja. The game follows our hero, Barry Steakfries, after he discovers that the evil Professor Brains has sent zombies through time to infect the world.

Age of Zombies Android App Review – AndroidApps.com

Today: Be Badass Barry Steakfries while blasting zombies throughout time in this hilarious and over the top dual stick shooter. A review of Age of Zombies by http://www.AndroidApps.com/ App: Age of Zombies Price: $3.16 http://www.androidapps.com/games/apps/691292-age-of-zombies-halfbrick-studios

Your job is to destroy all the zombies in the different time periods. The game plays like any other survival shooter. There are two joysticks for shooting and running. You are continuously pelted with zombies and will eventually reach a boss zombie to destroy.

Weapons can be picked up like shotguns and miniguns as well as grenades that can be thrown. If you’ve played games like Minigore, this app won’t be anything new. It offers some awesome humor and sometimes desperate gameplay, but it’s ultimately just another dual-stick shooter.

The developers claim they will continue to add new levels and features so definitely check this out if you are a fan of the genre. It’s a ton of fun blasting your way through the ages, and frankly, who doesn’t like to kill zombies? Check it out.

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