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Mar 29, 2018

Now more than ever before, it is extremely easy to make any space into a dream home with the power of software, including mobile apps.  From finding inspiring ideas from sources such as Pinterest to finding artwork, many apps have been created to make this process more democratized so that even those without a specialized degree are able to engage in it. Given that so many tools are available, this article discusses the best apps that can be used to help those who are looking to design or upgrade their space.

Bubble level (Android)

A common tool that is used to align different pieces of furniture such as picture frames or tables is a spirit level which is a rule that contains a small container for an air bubble to indicate whether the rule is slanted or not. Instead of having to purchase one of the rulers, users are able to use Bubble level to replicate the function for free. With this, the app utilizes the gyroscope on the phone to determine whether it is tilted or not so that users can adjust their furniture correctly. Furthermore, the app also uses the camera and then superimposes horizontal and vertical lines so that users can check to make sure that all of their furniture is lined up correctly. As a comprehensive tool that can be used to replicate the functions of a spirit level, Bubble level is a highly recommended app for precision interior design.

magicplan (iOS/Android)

For those who want to visualize a room layout but do not want to physically move the furniture around in different locations, magicplan is an intuitive tool that can be used to create floor plans for different rooms to experiment with different layouts. As one of the most high-tech interior designing apps, all that a user has to do is use the camera to scan the room while the app automatically identifies walls, edges, and corners and then builds a floor plan without much manual input. From this, users can then add in different pieces of furniture from couches, lights, windows, and other room essentials all from the phone. In being able to do so, users do not need to rearrange their furniture to get a visual idea of what it looks like, making it great for those who often like to rearrange furniture.

iStaging – Interior Design (iOS/Android)

As an app that uses virtual reality to bring in any virtual piece of furniture into a physical space, IStaging is one of the best apps to use for interior designing. In being able to select different types of furniture including lights, paintings, couches, and many more items, the app makes it easy to get a better understanding of where all the furniture that a user wants to bring into their room can come to life. Furthermore, the furniture can be rearranged in size and even rotated so that users get a realistic view of how that pierce of furniture fits into the room. As multiple items can be viewed through the camera at once, IStaging – Interior Design is a powerful tool to be used by those who wish to virtually integrate different pieces of furniture and design styles into a space and then be able to look at it through the app.

iStaging – Interior Design With Google Tango & Augmented Reality

Download iStaging now for FREE! Google Play: App Store: iStaging provides you with all the tools to design your interiors easily, right from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Google Tango device. Tap into the latest augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D technologies – all packed into one cutting-edge app!

IKEA Catalog (iOS/Android)

As IKEA is one of the most common names in the furniture and interior decorating space, it is one of the best apps that can be used to identify furniture which the user would like to see in their space. Beyond being able to simply see the furniture, what distinguishes IKEA from other furniture stores is that users are able to open any page on the physical catalog and then use the app to get an augmented version of that furniture by simply pointing the camera at it. In being able to bring the furniture to life, users can move the catalog anywhere in the room and then use the app to see an accurate representation of what it would look like. With the ability to also change the size, color, and rotation of the furniture that appears in the catalog, users can see exactly how things would look inside of their specified area without ever having to purchase and then assemble the product.

Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design Creator (iOS/Android)

For those who are looking for ways in which to fully customize a space to their exact specifications, Planner5D is an app that lets users build entire spaces from scratch right on the phone. Without the need for a significant amount of technical knowledge, the app utilizes a drag and drop feature that makes it intuitive to design the interior of customize spaces in both 2D and 3D models. With over 3,000 different items that can be placed in a home, users are able to get a comprehensive experience of interior decoration through the app that is not replicated anywhere else. Furthermore, various textures, colors, floors, walls, and patterns can be integrated into the space so that it looks exactly how a user wants it to appear. One of the best features of Planner 5D is that once the rendering is done, the space can be looked at in virtual reality with a headset as if the user were really in that space. With that, it provides an immersive experience for those who are looking at it through a VR headset which makes it a highly recommended tool for a comprehensive interior designing experience.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas (iOS/Android)

With Houzz, viewers browse photos of interiors by room type, style and geographic location. When it comes to content, it’s hard to beat an app with more than 140,000 photos and 250,000 idea books. As a bonus, Houzz allows users to search for local professionals, such as architects, interior designers and contractors.

Given that so many tools have been made available to democratize the realm of interior design, the apps listed in this article are able to make the process easy for new and veteran designers alike. From apps which are able to replicate the functions of a spirit level to others that let users use augmented reality to place virtual furniture into a room, these tools are highly recommended for those who wish to enhance their interior decorating experience.

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