Infinite Pool – Violent Destruction for Pool Balls

Jul 19, 2018

Infinite Pool is an endless Pool game focused around rationing your available shots remaining to keep putting balls in pockets.

In Infinite Pool, you control a happy little white ball that seems to be seeking to destroy all of ballkind. By dragging your finger in opposite direction to which you want to move toward, you can dictate the direction and speed with which you fly down the green.

Holes – or, pockets if keeping with the nomenclature of Pool – are scattered randomly throughout the game, either on the edges of the green or intermittingly in the middle, just to annoy you.


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You need to angle yourself so as to hit the balls just right to knock the other balls into their respective pockets, sometimes triggering a bomb ball to knock others, or different balls with more point values.

When you inevitably fire too hard or utterly miss your target, you will eventually find yourself plummeting into the empty abyss of a pocket and dying yourself. From there, you can either pay some gems, watch an ad or be sent back to the very beginning. This is fairly normal, but there is no limit on the amount of ads you can watch to keep you progressing, meaning that a determined (yet poorly skilled) player could feasibly progress massively through the game by just watching endless ads.

The purpose of sinking all these cute, anthropomorphic Pool balls is to, for some reason, collect their hats.

Yes, that’s right, this Pool game, called Infinite Pool, is actually all about collecting the hats on individual balls. Once you collect the hats, they are put in your Hat shop, with the option to upgrade and equip individual hats, allowing you to gain extra abilities and powers based on the hat type.

These upgrades cost upwards of several hundred gold each, some of them increasing their abilities, but many of the upgrades increasing the sale price of each type of hat. This means you are selling hats to increase the amount and value of hats you sell in the future.

The problem is that the game seems to expect you to collect literally hundreds of hats to be able to make any salient purchases, thus requiring you to play for untold hours before you make any kind of consistent progress.

This kind of inconsistent market pricing makes the actual purpose of the game pretty confusing – are you playing to progress through the game and knock balls in pockets, or are you playing to make gold through the selling of hats? If it’s the latter, why is it so hard to progress whatsoever in this regard?

Infinite Pool feels like a confusing mishmash of game genres and purposes – it’s not really clear what it wants to be, nor is it clear what your aim is. Selling hats, pocketing Pool balls, collecting Diamonds… it’s to many things and not enough purpose.

As a pool game, it’s got some promise and is enjoyable to distract you for a few minutes. As a long term, enjoyable game however, it falls just short of the pocket.

Our Rating

Excellent shape and spatial gameplay. Clear effort put into the game by the developers.Way too finickity to enjoy reliably.
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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