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Mar 12, 2018

One of the biggest inconveniences associated with owning a car is that it can be a hassle to find parking space, especially for those who are in crowded areas. As it can be extremely expensive to pay for parking on a regular basis, few solutions exist for those who are in need of inexpensive, convenient parking. With this issue, this article reveals the best apps that can be used for drivers to locate and find the best parking spots right from their phone.

Best Parking – Find Parking (iOS/Android)

In cities that are extremely crowded, finding a parking spot is especially difficult. Although private parking lots often let users pay to park, the price can range significantly or the spots difficult to find. As a result, Best Parking is an app that shows where all of the available parking locations are in a certain area and then the price to park there as well. By showing all of the locations on a map, it becomes intuitive to drivers as to which location is most convenient to their destination as well as the prices that are associated with each spot. Beyond this, the app is highly detailed in showing the information regarding each parking spot to include whether the spot is valet or self parking, whether it is indoor or outdoor, as well as the maximum height of the parking lot. Furthermore, exact rates, times, address, and contact information for the parking lot can be found which makes Best Parking one of the highest recommended tools to be used for drivers who are looking for a space to park their vehicle.

Rover – Cheaper Parking Spots (Android)

As opposed to official parking spots that can be expensive, many residential parking spots can be made available in an Airbnb like style that lets those with a free parking spot rent it out to those who are looking for a parking space. In being able to reserve specific parking spaces across the city from people who want to rent out their spots, users can get cheap rates at locations that are closer to their destination. Furthermore, renting can be done by the hour and so the app initiates a countdown of how much longer the vehicle can be parked there before it has to be moved. With a rating system in place, those who are looking to use Rover are able to see what other people who have previously parked there think of the spot and location. Adding mechanisms of the sharing economy to the realm of parking, the app is one that is highly recommended for those who wish to reserve their parking spot prior to getting there.

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How it works

Luxe (iOS/Android)

Perhaps the best way to park a car is to not have to park it at all. With the Luxe app, users get on-demand valet service wherever they are without having to worry about finding a parking space. Through the app, users simply indicate where their destination is while the app locates a Luxe certified parker to meet them at their destination to retrieve the car. Once the owner gets to the destination, the parker takes care of the rest by finding the parking spot and even bringing the car right to the owner afterwards.  Without the need to worry about parking spots and time limits, the app is one of the best ones for those who are frustrated with having to find parking space as well as walk to their destination after.

Parking Panda: Book Deals Now (iOS/Android)

Although parking is considered to be a hassle, it is especially a challenge when there are popular events that attract a large number of people. To make the parking process easy even when there is greater volume, Parking Panda is an app that has partnered with events and venues to help users secure and reserve parking spots. With this, users of the app are able to find prime parking locations and pay for it right from the app before getting to their destination. Furthermore, it also reveals exclusive discounts that may not be made immediately obvious to save users a significant amount of money. In being able to guarantee parking spots at discounted rates closer to areas of high interest, Parking Panda is highly recommended for finding a parking spot in crowded locations or when there is a large event that attracts many people.

SpotHero: Find Parking Nearby (iOS/Android)

As parking can be expensive, an app that can significantly reduce the cost is SpotHero which helps drivers compare rates across different parking lots. By being able to pay by the hour or month right from the app, users can save a large amount of money through the discounts that are offered. Although the other apps may also offer comparable services, what differentiates SpotHero is that it is designed for those who have to travel for work as users can simply expense their parking fees for tax benefits easily. Through this, it is one of the best parking apps for those who wish to have a flexible and cost-effective parking app.

How SpotHero Works

Want to know more about how SpotHero works? Look no further. This step-by-step guide walks you through everything you need to know.

For those who often have to find parking spots in crowded urban areas, the apps listed in this article are able to ease the process by identifying parking locations, their prices, and even getting others to park their car. With these solutions, finding a spot to park the car is extremely easy to save drivers both time and money as opposed to having to park their vehicle in expensive, inconvenient locations.

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