How to Recover Photos for Mobile Devices

May 12, 2018
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Given that a significant number of photos are being taken on mobile devices as a direct result of greater storage capacity and better camera quality, a large amount of photo management is therefore conducted on the phone to include storing, transferring, and deleting them. Given the various functions that are done with regards to photographs on the mobile phone, many can easily be deleted by accident. With this issue, this article discusses the different ways in which users are able to recover their photographs on mobile devices if it has been accidentally deleted.

For iPhone

One of the most convenient aspects of the iPhone is that users are able to easily recover photos that have been deleted within the last 30 days as a built in setting. In order to activate this, users need to first go to the Photos app and then select the Album folder on the bottom right side of the screen. Within this screen, users are able to find the Recently Deleted folder which contains all of the photos that have been deleted within the last 30 days. Upon entering this album, users can choose the Select button in the top right of the screen and then select the photos which they wish to recover. However, this only works for photos that have been deleted within the last 30 days and any photos over 30 days will no longer be housed in this folder.

Alternatively, if the phone has been backed up prior to the photo being deleted, users are able to restore their entire device so that it is as if it were on the day it was backed up. While this may help users get the photos that they wish to have, it will erase all of the data that has been saved since the backup date. In order to utilize this method, users need to go into the Settings app, General, Reset, and then Erase All Content and Settings. Once this is done and the phone has been completely wiped, users will be directed to the setup screen at which point they need to select Restore from iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup. If users select from an iTunes Backup, it will then be necessary to plug the device into the computer and open up iTunes while selecting an iCloud Backup will not require the user to plug their device in. As users are able to select a version from their backup files, they are then able to restore their device as if it were on the date of the backup in order to access their photos. However, this method deletes all of the data that has been accumulated after the backup date and so it is highly recommended that users back up their device once again prior to factory resetting it.

On Android

For Android devices, while there are no built in features which allow users to instantly recover their lost photos, DiskDigger photo recovery (Android) is an app which helps users recover their photos easily in just a few steps. All that is required is for users to open the app at which point it will conduct a scan for deleted photos and then give users the option to recover the selected photos. As the app is extremely simply to utilize, it is a solution that all Android users should have on their device in case an important photos or video is accidentally deleted on their device and need a quick recovery tool to obtain that photo again.

A way to avoid the issue of having photos accidentally deleted is to always buck up the photos, especially on a Cloud platform. In backing up memory and photos onto a Cloud platform on a regular basis, users are able to retrieve it any any time on any device and so even if a photo is deleted on a certain device, it will still be in the cloud and readily accessible if needed. With this, users will no longer need external solutions in order to recover the photos that have been deleted by downloading them at any time through their cloud storage solution.

For those who are looking for ways in which to recover photos that have been accidentally deleted from their photo albums, this article discusses the different ways in which users can recover their lost photos in a matter of seconds. From apps which help to recover photos on the Android device to different methods that recover photos on iOS device, these methods are applicable to those who do a significant amount of photo management on their mobile device and may have accidentally deleted a photo that they did not mean to.

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