How to Recover Lost Data on iPhone and Android

Nov 30, 2017
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A significant amount of data is stored on the mobile phone given its increase in storage capacity. As a result, files and photos are transferred to and deleted very often, leaving room for errors when managing the memory. With this, important files can accidentally be deleted with fewer recovery options when compared to a desktop computer. For those who want to proactively ensure that deleted data can be recovered or want access to a file that was accidentally lost, this article discusses the different methods and tools that can recover the data.

Lost Photos

As the mobile phone is used to take a significant number of photos, users often delete many at once which means that some may be accidentally selected to be removed in the process. With the iPhone, it becomes extremely easy to recover lost photos with the introduction of the Recently Deleted tab that helps users to recover photos that were deleted within 30 days. Opposite to this, the Android recovery process is a bit more technical and requires the use of apps as a way to recover the data. For example, apps such as Dumpster automatically back up all of the deleted photos and videos so that they can be recovered at any time. As all of the data is stored on the cloud instead of directly on the phone, device storage is not hindered but can still be accessed with an internet connection.

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Utilizing these methods and tools, recovering photos and videos that may have accidentally been deleted becomes extremely easy.

Deleted Contacts

The assumption that is used in this method to restore the contact list for Android devices is that the device is synced with a Gmail account as one is required to download apps. When a contact list is either deleted or lost, instead of having to ask each contact for their information again, the Gmail credentials associated with the phone can be used to recover it. With this, users can go into the desktop site for Gmail, select the word Mail in the top left corner, and then contacts. From there, users can select the word “More” and then Restore Contacts. With the menu that appears, the timeframe that they want to have restored can be selected whether it is from 10 minutes ago to over a week ago. This contact information is stored for up to 30 days so that users can get their information even if it has been a few weeks that the data has been lost. Given the value of being able to quickly restore the contact list through the use of a Gmail account, it is highly recommended that Android users log into their Gmail account and regularly sync their data.

Restoring All Data

For those who are on iOS devices, recovering all of the lost data is simple if the phone is regularly backed up. With this method, all of the files that were once on the phone can be restored at the same time to replace the existing data on the phone. All that has to be done is to plug the phone into iTunes at which point it automatically backs up the entire memory at once. With these backups, if any data is lost on the device, it can be restored through iTunes such as photos, contacts, and even app data so that the device is the exact same as the latest backup. As a result of the usefulness of backups, the phone is recommended to be plugged in on a regular basis so that a copy is available if files or the device itself is lost.

While Android devices do not have iTunes as a tool to back up data, users can save certain kinds of information through the settings app. For example, account information and data can be synced to the cloud if users go to Settngs -> Personal -> Accounts & Sync. Even without iTunes, the backup process can be extremely simple and as Android devices have a plug-and-play interface. With the option to browse files through the “My Computer” icon on the desktop, all of the necessary files can be transferred through drag and drop as a way to back it up. Beyond this, the entire phone memory can be stored on the computer if needed in order to save all of the data at once.

In the event that various information is lost on the device either from accidentally deleting it to losing the phone, the tools and methods outlined in this article are able to help users restore the data easily. These solutions are user friendly and can be done with minimal technical knowledge to recover nearly any kind of lost data.

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