How to Record Phone Calls on Android and iPhone

Dec 15, 2017
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Recording phone calls can be an important function whether for personal or business applications. For example, in being able to record a call in order to refer to at a later time or for legal reasons, this feature can be extremely useful but is not readily available on the phone app. For this reason, this article discusses how to record phone calls for Android and iOS devices.


For the Android system, Automatic Call Recorder (Android) is an app that records all of the phone calls that are made through the phone automatically while users can choose which calls they want to keep and which ones to discard. In recording all of the calls, users do not have to worry about activating the app prior to making or taking calls as the app starts to record as soon as a call takes place. Beyond this, users can choose to have a list of contacts where the calls are automatically recorded while the contacts that not on this list do not have their calls recorded.  Automatic Call Recorder then stores the recorded conversations on the local storage so that there is no data transferring that must occur in order to reduce security risks. With the range of features that are available through Automatic Call Recorder, the app is one that makes the process of recording calls and listening to them later easy for Android users. Another useful app to record phone calls is Blackbox Hidden Call Recorder, which also works in stealth mode.

Blackbox Hidden Call Recorder Review | Appolicious

With its slick design and new features, such as Stealth Mode, the latest update to Blackbox Hidden Call Recorder deserves attention. It could prove to be very useful for business calls, or turn an Android phone into a super sneaky spy tool:


Similar to Android users, iOS users are able to use Call Recorder for iPhone (iOS) in order to record their phone calls. Although the app does not automatically record all of the calls that are made, the process of recording incoming and outgoing calls is extremely easy and can be done quickly prior to any call with a few clicks. The calls are also stored on the local memory which can also be accessed, renamed, or deleted after the call is done for greater file management. With these features, iOS users are able to seamlessly record and access past calls with Call Recorder for iPhone without having extensive setup procedures.

Whether for personal, business, or legal purposes, recording phone calls can be important to refer to at a later time. Although there are no built-in tools that can record calls on the iOS and Android devices, the apps listed in this article are able to help users record all of their phone calls quickly and securely in order to access afterwards.

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