How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on iPhone

Oct 9, 2017
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YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming apps available. Although it is one of the most used apps, one of the biggest limitations of the YouTube app is that it must be opened at all times in order for the video and audio to play. This can be a significant issue if users want to listen to music without the video or want to use another app while the video is playing in the background. To overcome these limitations, this article discusses different ways in which you can play videos in the background or even when the screen is off.

Playing videos and put the screen back to sleep

The first step that needs to be taken is that a user needs to download an alternative browser such as Opera Mini web browser which is completely free on the App Store. After downloading the app, you need to search for which is the mobile site for YouTube. After this is done, the video can be searched for right on the web browser instead of the YouTube app. From there, when the video is selected, the screen should be turned off and put to sleep. Once the screen is asleep, reactivate the screen and then scroll up so that the quick options are available. Once the quick options are available, clicking the Play button will then play the audio from the video at which point you can then put the screen back to sleep.

Playing videos while still using the device

For those who want to listen to YouTube videos while still using the device such as navigating to a different app, the following method can be applied in order to do so. First, you should go into the Safari web browsing app and search for From there, you can search for the video and select it. Once the video starts playing, you must then click and hold the page refresh button at the top of the screen that can be found next to the address bar. The button should be held until another button is prompted to “Request Desktop Site” at which point this should be chosen. After that, clicking the home button and then swiping the screen upwards for the quick menu and then to the left will let open up the play button for Safari. By clicking this button, you will then be able to listen to the audio of the YouTube video playing even if the browser is not opened and you are in a different app.

In following these steps, users can play the YouTube video of their choice even while the screen is off. Highly effective, the methods outlined in this article are the simplest ways in which to play YouTube videos even when the screen is off or when users want to browse a different app while listening to the video in the background. Furthermore, this is a great way to save on batteries when listening to a podcast or music as the screen does not need to be constantly playing the video for users to enjoy the audio component.

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