How to Find the Most Battery Intensive Apps

Jun 2, 2018
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The capacity of the battery is already limiting as it is on the mobile phone as not many devices can pass a single day of regular usage without having to be charged coupled with the fact that an increasing number of mobile devices cannot have the battery swapped out quickly as with older models, it is now more important than ever to be efficient with battery usage. As a result, one of the best ways to ensure that the battery lasts as long as possible is to stop running apps that are notorious for quickly draining the battery which this article explores.

For Android

For Android users, being able to tell how much battery power each app uses is extremely easy as this feature is built. In order to get this data, users first need to go to their Settings app and then Device maintenance. Once users click into this tab and then battery, users can see exactly how much of the battery power each app has been taking up so that it can be closed. In being able to identify the apps that have taken up the most batteries, users can optimize their battery performance by closing these apps when they are not in use and are in the background. Furthermore, users are also able to use third-party apps such as Battery Doctor, which is mentioned below, to perform the same function and even more.

For iOS

Although there are no built-in features like with Android devices, users of iOS devices need to download third-party tools to perform the same function. One of the best apps for this function is Battery Doctor-Battery Life Saver & Battery Cooler (iOS) which performs the same function as the built-in feature on the Android device and even more. For example, users are able to monitor in real time which apps are draining the most batteries as well as get notifications for when the phone is fully charged so that overcharging does not occur. With the ability to quickly stop the apps that are draining too much battery power when they are not in use as well as control the temperature of the phone by regulating which apps are currently running, Battery Doctor is a highly recommended tool for iOS users who wish to be able to identify which apps are currently running the most batteries and to quickly stop it.

When looking for different ways to optimize the performance of the battery, users are able to utilize these different methods to identify the most battery-intensive apps on both the iOS and Android devices. As batteries cannot be quickly swapped out with newer phones coupled with the fact that many devices are not able to last an entire day without being charged, getting this information on the most battery intensive apps is extremely important for maximizing efficiency. In being able to identify these apps, users are able to close these apps when they are not being used to maximize the efficiency of the batteries.

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