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Sep 30, 2016

Process automation has benefit humanity in a variety of areas, notably in manufacturing industries and even in everyday life. While automation serves to benefit society, its uses also comprises of tactics which may serve to cause inconvenience and annoyance. To many, a major source of annoyance is not only spam, but also automated robocalls, telemarketers, and bill collectors that seem to call at the most inconvenient moments.

Despite attempts to block these numbers or add them to a blacklist, their ability to change numbers quickly renders these methods useless, leaving the caller vulnerable to the calls. One app aimed at blocking unwanted calls is Hiya with the able to identify the numbers which it deems important while blocking those that are recognized as scams, robocalls, telemarketers, and blacklisted numbers.

Introducing Hiya: A better phone experience

Uploaded by Hiya on 2016-04-27.

Current number blockers rely on a publicly available list, notably ones that are on the FCC and FTC lists. The problem with utilizing these lists to reference and block numbers is that those who want to hide their number while calling are able to constantly change their phone numbers, effectively removing them off the blacklisted numbers list until a program is able to detect the nature of their purpose. To counter this, Hiya comprises of a predictive program to actively detect numbers associated with scammers, telemarketers, and robocalls, even if the phone number they are calling from has changed in the past. With such a dynamic approach to identifying numbers, the app enables for accuracy and effective controls as to which calls to take and which to reject.

While the core process of the app is to dynamically detect numbers which may be malicious, other functions that make it highly differentiated from other apps that attempt to block unwanted numbers is the ability to create a personalized block list and a reverse phone number search where the app is able to finds out if the incoming call is spam, scam, malware, or from an unwanted party. Constantly updated with a list of numbers that are often associated with malicious intent, Hiya displays how many telemarketers, scammers, and spammer numbers which have been added to the system which to block. This mechanism allows for users to understand just how effective the app is by viewing a page that indicates 32,150 numbers have been added to the block list. Being up-to-date with the list of unwanted callers globally, users are effectively protected from any source of unwanted calls despite number changes that are made by the caller.

Completely free on the App Store with no monthly subscriptions, Hiya is a great choice for anyone looking for a call blocking solution. While callers with malicious attempts continue to develop their tactics aimed at taking advantage of those who are less knowledgeable in technology or are posing as an official party for payment (IRS scams), the app has the potential to save thousands from falling prey to harmful calls. Beyond scams, the app offers the convenience of blocking numbers from a massive database which ensures dynamic predictions to be ahead of callers who are able to change their numbers.

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