Got Old Stuff? Here are the Apps to Sell It!

Mar 6, 2018

A common phrase that many people are familiar with is “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. This often holds true which is shown with the increase in popularity for tools which allow for the purchasing and selling of second-hand goods. With so many different platforms that are available for this kind of transaction, this article discusses the best apps that can be used to sell old goods to earn extra money.

Ebay (iOS/Android)

As one of the biggest platforms that enable for peer-to-peer sales, Ebay is often synonymous with second hand sales online. In being able to instantly reach millions of buyers from around the world, the app is perfect for those who are looking to sell their old goods. With so many different categories available through the platform, users are able to buy and sell nearly anything they can think of. One of the best aspects of Ebay is that the pricing mechanism is fluid depending on what the seller prefers. For example, sellers are able to specify if they want the price to be based on an auction where buyers can bid until a time limit or a fixed price that is first-come-first-serve. With the vastness of product variety that is offered through Ebay coupled with the flexibility in pricing models, it is one of the best apps for selling old stuff online.

“ebay | How To | eBay Android – Buy, Sell & Save”

The eBay app makes it easy to shop, search, bid, sell and save money wherever and whenever you are. Buy and sell on the go, get great deals and manage your eBay experience at any time.

letgo: Buy & Sell Secondhand (iOS/Android)

With a mobile-first approach in terms of a peer-to-peer selling platform, letgo is one of the most comprehensive second-hand marketplaces available. Through the app, users are able to quickly upload their pages with descriptions, prices, and even take pictures of the item. Beyond this, the app enables parties to chat with one another and even has a setting to browse by location so that those who do not want to wait for shipping can pick up the item right away. For sellers, a feature that distinguishes the app from other selling platforms is that it leverages artificial intelligence to identify and tag the items in the photo that is uploaded so that users do not have to do it themselves manually. This is especially applicable for those who have different items to sell and are looking for ways in which to save their time. As a highly comprehensive peer-to-peer selling platform, letgo is a great tool to earn extra money by selling second-hand goods.

Vinted – Sell Buy Swap Fashion (iOS/Android)

One of the most popular items to buy online is clothing which is quickly becoming popular, especially for the female demographic. As a result, Vinted is an app that lets users unclutter their wardrobe and make money in the process by selling it to others. Through the app, sellers are able to create listings for their clothes in an easy manner and then chat with those who are interested in making a purchase. With categories that are applicable to men, women, and children, Vinted is an app that covers all demographics and is applicable to nearly everyone. Given the ability to give discounts as well as not pay any service fees until a sale has been made, the app is one of the best for those who are looking to sell their old clothes.

Carousell: Snap-Sell, Chat-Buy (iOS/Android)

As an app with one of the best interfaces, Carousell is a platform that is designed to facilitate transactions from across the world for nearly every category. In being able to list products in a matter of seconds which is meant to be highly appealing, users are able to quickly sell their old goods. Through Carousell, sellers are also able to share their listing among their social media networks so that sales can also occur with those within the immediate group of friends instead of just strangers. With the ability to accumulate points and reviews to build a stronger reputation as a seller, credibility is an aspect that can be built through the site while other platforms may not offer the same feature. In having a secure chat, buyers and sellers also do not need to disclose private contact information in order to start a transaction. The combination of all of these features makes Carousell a great tool to sell nearly any product.

5miles: Buy and Sell Used Stuff Locally (iOS/Android)

While many people are still new to the notion of making purchases online, their first step towards a more digital shopping experience is to find goods online and then close the transaction in person. With this, 5miles is a perfect app that lets users find those in the local area who are looking to buy goods and then connect them with the local sellers. Although buyers and sellers may be skeptical of meeting in person for the transaction, the app has a Safe Area Exchange Locator which identifies areas which are public and deemed safe to carry out these transactions. For sellers, the app is perfect for those who wish to make a sale of second-hand goods in the local area quickly.

As an increasing number of people become more familiar and comfortable with making purchases online, many platforms have emerged to offer both new and used goods. For those who are looking to make additional money through selling their old goods from clothes to electronics, the apps listed in this article are able to provide a platform which allows for the safe and efficient sale of old “junk” which could be someone else’s treasure.

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