God of Word, a word game with a twist

Jul 5, 2017

God of Word takes place in the world of Greek mythology, and the setting of the entire game is a play being put on for the Gods. The opening cut-scene sets the story for the game; Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, is injured. That’s where you come in, as his apprentice, to take over to deliver the Gods’ mail, no matter how difficult or dangerous that task may be. Other than a couple of cut-scenes, and some text after each act, that’s about all the story you’re going to get from God of Word.

God of Word plays similar to some other word games, where the player is given a set of 7 letters, and is told to create as many words as they can in a limited amount of time. To add some pizzazz to the otherwise boring act of spelling words, the game sets each round up as a duel between the main character and an enemy; where each word spelt builds up damage, and if the player has built up enough damage before time runs out, they kill their opponent. Along with the main game mode, there are a variety of other games modes that the player will encounter, like hangman, treasure chests, and bosses. All of the game modes are timed, which differentiate God of Word from most other word games on mobile. But fear not, if you’re looking for a casual game, God of Word features 5 different difficulty modes, including a casual mode where the timer is non-issue. The only real downside with the difficulty levels, is that they only modify the amount of time you have to beat each enemy, they don’t modify game mechanics like frequency of bonus tiles, or word lengths that enemies are immune to.

The boss fights are where God of Word really shines. Each boss fight pits the player against beasts of legend from Greek Mythology. The player will fight a variety of bosses ranging from famous mythical monsters like Medusa and the Minotaur, to lesser known myths like Echidna or the Calydonian Boar. All the boss fights employ the same standard 7 letter tiles, but each fight employs a unique mechanic that is directly linked to the Greek myth the boss is based on. For example, in the Medusa fight, the player must use the letter tile with the shield effect on it, or they will stare directly into Medusa’s eyes and be turned to stone. Against the Hydra, the player must spell a long enough word when fighting each head, or it will regrow and the player will have to kill it all over again.

the game sets each round up as a duel between the main character and an enemy; where each word spelt builds up damage

In the campaign, there are also two currencies the player can gain while playing; gold and renown. The player uses renown to level up and unlock passive bonuses for their character, like more damage per word, more hangman guesses, or passive boosts to currency. The player can use their gold to buy/upgrade potions, weapons, and armor. The potions are simply used to give the player bonus time or damage in a battle, and generally aren’t that useful or necessary. The weapons unlock a unique ability that the player can use in battle, once they have charged up the weapon meter. The abilities can be anything from giving the player bonus damage for a limited time to turning all of their tiles into bonus tiles. The armors all grant the player passive bonuses as they are worn, and can be leveled up to make them more potent. These passives are things like extra gold, extra time, or vowels dealing more damage.

Though it comes down to personal preference, some weapons and armor do just seem comparably better than others. Zeus’ Lightning Bolt is almost a must-have against difficult bosses, though it’s relatively useless against normal enemies, so you can find yourself switching out weapons for bosses specifically.

God of Word – Launch Trailer

http://store.steampowered.com/app/467320/ God of Word is an exciting twist on classic word & typing games, fusing together multiple game modes with the enchanting setting of Greek Mythology to create the ultimate word game for PC and Mac! Playable in seven languages! Available September 28th, 2016.

Aside from the main campaign, which spans 75 levels including the 5 bonus levels from the Halloween update, there is also a Marathon mode. The Marathon mode faces the player playing against infinite waves of increasingly difficult enemies in order to set high scores on Game Center Leaderboards.

The boss fights are all fun and unique, and aim to teach the player a little bit about Greek Mythology as they play. Each boss level also has their own music, to go along with quite a few other songs throughout the campaign, giving God of Word a good-sized soundtrack. The whole game is playable in 7 languages, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese. This allows players to play the game in their native tongue but there is no dictionary present in the game, so it won’t help much for people trying to use the game to expand their vocabulary.

All in all, God of Word is a nice twist on the standard word games you’re likely to find on mobile. If you’re a fan of Word games, definitely check out God of Word and see if you can write yourself into the Greek mythology.

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