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Jun 8, 2018

Cats, adorable furry creatures, viral videos and cute memes, there’s a reason that cats are one of mans most loved animals.

The best part is there are a number of cat-themed games available for your phones and tablets so the cuteness and fun never has to stop even when you’re away from your own furry friend.

Below are five games that cat loves will adore:

Talking Tom Gold Run (iOS, Android)

Lovers of the Temple Run series will enjoy Talking Tom Gold Rush, an epic adrenaline rush, running adventure as you chase the robber and explore endless worlds collecting gold. In this amazing endless runner game you must jump and dodge your way through the world, collecting the gold blocks as you go. Complete mission and collect rewards along the way, unlock new character and test their running skills in different situations including snowboarding and racing. Use the gold that you have collected to build and upgrade the homes of Talking Tom and his furry friends, as you upgrade and complete houses you unlock new worlds for a whole new adventure.

KleptoCats 2 (iOS, Android)

Klepto Cats 2 is the sequel to the viral phenomenon Klepto Cats, your favorite kitty friends are back and have been joined by a whole new gang of friendly kittens that can’t wait to play. Let your kittens out for the day and watch with amazement as they work their way through the galaxy, stealing everything from useful kitchen items to random items including party balloons and odd socks. Welcome your furry friends home and enjoy working your way through their daily find, you can use these newly found items to decorate your Klepto Cats home. While your kittens are home you can enjoy petting them and caring for them much like you would with a real cat.

KleptoCats 2 Trailer

KleptoCats 2 will be out on March 15th! KleptoCats 2, the sequel to the viral phenomenon, KleptoCats, brings back all your favorite feline friends along with some fresh new kitties. It’s 2x more cute, 2x more fun, 2x more mysterious…and, yep you guessed it, 1337x pure PAW-someness!

Cat Quest (iOS, Android)

In Cat Quest you play as a cat on a mission to save his catnapped sister, battle dragons, magic and other cats all in order to defeat the evil Drakoth. Explore the extensive world of Felingard, raiding dungeons, collecting loot and risk your nine lives in order to complete your mission. As you travel throughout the world you meet a number of furry friends who offer side quests and extra rewards. Cat Quest features gorgeous graphics and a story that will keep you hooked, with everything from adventure to betrayal along the way.

Cat Quest – Official Mobile Gameplay Preview

Cat Quest is a 2D open world RPG…with cats! Coming August 10th on iOS! Find out more at: Follow us on Twitter @TheGentlebros Subscribe to the mailing list and get notified when it releases! Music by Zminusone! Gameplay shown was captured using the mobile version of Cat Quest!

Super Phantom Cat 2 (iOS, Android)

Play as Ari a cat on a serious mission to save Ina who has been catnapped and taken to a phantom mysterious world, apparently, there’s a lot of catnapped kittens out there in the mobile world who need saving. As Ari’s adventure unravels you gain super phantom cat powers including the ability to float on balloons, turn irritating critters into ice statues and break through walls of stone and metal. Find hidden secrets throughout the mysterious phantom world, adding a whole new layer to the game so that the adventure never ends. Super Phantom Cat 2 feature fun, cartoon graphics that create a truly immersive gameplay experience and perfectly fit the platformer style of gameplay.

Moblie Game:Super Phantom Cat 2

Uploaded by zoe zou on 2017-09-25.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever Game (iOS, Android)

Despite the name of the game Grumpy’ Cat’s Worst Ever Game is an extremely fun, addictive game that has quickly become popular among cat lovers. Play as a grumpy cat and take part in a number of easy to learn and extremely fun mini games. You can also challenge friends to see who can achieve the highest score and share cat themed memes.  As you play you unlock even more grumpy cats that become available as stickers in iMessage so you can share the grumpy love with your friends.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever Trailer

Grumpy Cat’s 1st official mobile game is here! It’s the WORST-GAME-YOU-WILL-EVER-PLAY.

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