From a Small Tinder to a Giant Flame

Sep 4, 2017
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Recently, Tinder has made headlines for being the top-grossing app in all of the App Store. While the app has been widely popular for enabling online dating without any barriers or stigma, monetizing its users has been a challenge that has taken a significant amount of time to get right.

With its later feature added called “Gold”, users are able to see who has already liked their profile before beginning their through the regular stack of those in the area. Without having to swipe, users can see exactly who has liked their profile and then choose to automatically like all, dislike, or go through each profile individually.

Perfect for those who prefer not to spend as much time on the app, getting the feature may be highly convenient for finding only those who share a degree of attraction instead of spending time swiping those who are not interested in their profile.  As an add-on to the premium service, Tinder Gold costs an additional $5 on top of the $9.99 that is for members. This means that this feature will likely cost $15/month in total but comes with unlimited swipes, 5 super likes per day, and the ability to change destinations. Although the price is hefty when compared to other dating apps, Tinder boasts one of the largest communities of those who are looking for connections while simultaneously having one of the highest growth rates. As in intuitive and easy to use app, the premium on the price is well accepted by many even when it is much higher than competitors, indicating the significant value that is offered through the Gold feature.

With its later feature added called “Gold”, users are able to see who has already liked their profile

This success that Tinder has obtained comes after many iterations of monetization models to include a menu-like option which allows users to purchase only the premium features that they need beyond the basic functions. These features include the ability to go back on an accidental swipe, change locations, no waiting period for swipes, and additional super likes. While this method gives more flexibility in terms of purchasing options, it was not as well received as the Gold subscription. As subscription-based monetization is one of the most difficult to implement, the acceptance of this program marks a significant victory for Tinder in terms of overcoming an adoption barrier as well as profitability. Given how quickly the app has risen to number one after the update, its success can be extrapolated once more users embrace the Gold feature.

As one of the most popular apps in the realm of dating, Tinder has grown to become a flame on the App Store. With the status of the highest grossing app, it is likely that other competitors will attempt to implement similar functions to capture the market for hyper-efficient daters. Furthermore, although the Gold feature is currently only available on the iOS version, the rollout of the Android version is expected to be released with a month so that users on either operating system are able to see who has liked their profile.

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