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Oct 14, 2017

Searching for new places to eat can be both exciting and a hassle given the variety of restaurants that are available. While different sources of food critics such as Yelp have been oversaturated with professional critics and is often not regarded as the most reliable source of information, various apps have emerged in the space to identify the best foods by users, for users. EatOpine is one such app that is designed to democratize the rating process for various foods and restaurants in a community setting.

EatOpine – Snap and Rate Food

Discover EatOpine the new App for Food Lovers. Rate or Find the Best Dishes! Check it out: ******************* EatOpine is new and innovative food social app for foodies. This new app changes the way of searching for new restaurants by sharing users’ culinary experiences.

Giving the ability for anybody to have a voice in the rating process of various foods, a fair system is created for determining the quality of food at a particular location. Extremely easy to use, all that is required is for the user to take a picture of their food, rate the dish out of a possible 5, and then write a comment about that dish.  Furthermore, users can categorize the price of the dish based on 4 categories and also tie the dish to a particular restaurant.  In doing so, those who upload the most photos and food ratings receive points to become known as a popular food critic on the app. Beyond this, users can also look for particular dishes through the app in an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to filter for various foods by particular categories. For example, in searching for sushi, users can filter by the best rated sushi, the least expensive, or the sushi restaurants that are nearby.

Although the features of EatOpine are extremely helpful for “foodies”, those who have a particular interest in various foods, the services provided by the app are highly comparative with sites such as Google or Yelp. For example, these sites also offer a rating system where those with a Google account are able to leave reviews of the various restaurants while food images can be uploaded with a price range that is applicable to the entire restaurant. However, EatOpine focuses on a mobile interface that is much more engaging to interact with as it incorporates images in a comprehensive way. Furthermore, there is a heavy emphasis on images and the rating of specific dishes which helps users to see exactly what it is that they want. This is exemplified in being able to find the best price for any particular food as well as seeing images of it as opposed to getting a review of the entire restaurant.

In forming a community of those who are enthusiasts of foods, EatOpine is able to help users democratize the rating of various foods. Utilizing pictures, prices, and locations, users of the app are able to earn points as social currency on the platform while those who are browsing for various foods can get the best information that is fair and updated. As alternatives are available on the web, EatOpine is one of the only mobile centered tools in the food space, making it highly recommended for foodies.

EatOpine - Snap. Taste. Rate.
EatOpine - Snap. Taste. Rate.
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