Dear Diary… Best Journaling Apps Available

Dec 8, 2017

Dear diary. That one short sentence has been written untold times in human history. Keeping a journal of our innermost thoughts has ever been a desire, but it’s hard to keep a book with you all the time.

Here are 5 some to make your journaling experience that much easier:

Second Everday (iOS, Android)

For those looking for a slightly different way to journal on their phone, this is the perfect app. Allowing you to record one second of every day that you can view in calendar format and later combine into a video. This can be ideal either for recording your holiday memories for a whole year as the app lets you create numerous timelines. You can even use the app to track chances say in the form of weight loss or a child’s growth. The app is very easy to use, with the main screen being your default timeline calendar. From this screen you can either view the videos in your current timeline or add today’s clip.

1 Second Everyday – Age 31

iOS App now available! (Android almost done!) On my 30th birthday I started recording 1 second every day for the rest of my life so I’ll never forget a day ever again. This is my second year. Age 31.

A nice touch if you have one of the latest iPhones is the ability to use live photos rather than actual video clips.

Momento (iOS)

Momento is a much more standard journaling app allowing you to create text posts for every day and add photos and videos to go alongside your entry. What’s nice about this app though is that it syncs with all of your social media accounts and also includes your posts from each day. This makes it a great app to look back on and get a true reflection of what you did on that day rather than just seeing a short entry you recorded. The act of journaling is also very simple and straightforward and you can tag places, people, events, photos and custom entries. A true multimedia diary that no amount of Lisa Frank stickers can make up for.

Day One (iOS)

Day One is a powerful journaling app that focuses on ensuring users are able to quickly add posts which they can later go back and edit adding more detail and photos to.

Unlike a large number of similar apps there is no limit to the number of photos that you can add to each post or even store within the app. Another nice feature is that the app records your exact location when you make a post, as well as the time and weather, this allows you to view your posts not just by date but also by location.

It should also be noted that there is also a MacBook version of the app, making it even easier to access and update your journal across all of your devices.

Journey (Android)

Journey is an app that allows you to keep track of your life all in one simple app. You can create journal entries easily on your phone, adding pictures, video clips and even syncing with your Google fit to log your exercise. The layout of the app makes it a pleasure to look back at your previous entries and even allows you to view your entries in map view so that you can see all of your entries from on particular location easily, perfect for looking back at holiday memories!

Journey – Diary, journal App (Google Play Store)

Journey is a cross-platform journal app that is available on Android, iOS, Mac App Store, Windows Store and online web.

The designers of Journey understand that your journal should be more than just an app on your phone it should be something you can keep for the rest of your life and they have made this easy for users by allowing all entries to sync with Google Drive, this means that you can easily access your journal from anywhere and ensure that it is not lost when switching to a new phone.

The app is currently not available on iOS but a beta version is available on their site meaning that it shouldn’t be long now until it is available.

Diaro – Diary, Journal and Notes (iOS, Android)

Diaro is designed to make it easy to record your thoughts and memories throughout the day and easily sync between all of your devices. You can sort your posts in a variety of different ways including by location, date and tags making it simple to search and find entries at a later date. You can also view your diary online by logging onto Diaro’s site and save entires in PDF format.

Diaro – diary, journal, notes. Free Android, iOS and Web app.

Diaro Android, iOS and Web diary, journal, notes keeping app. No matter it’s a short note or a lengthy diary entry, Diaro’s user friendly interface lets you organize everything conveniently

Gratitude Journal (iOS)

I have friends who write what are called gratitude journals that are intended to bring happiness to one’s life. Even Oprah has touted the practice. So I downloaded the Gratitude Journal app and my life, well, is about the same. The graphics are cartoonish, making me feel like a fifth-grader scribbling in a diary. Thankfully, the app comes with a password function, so no one will be reading my journal entries. But I really needn’t worry: after a few days of using Gratitude Journal, I didn’t feel any happier and the app became too disappointing to use. If you are keeping a written gratitude journal, this app is an environmentally friendly way of recording your thanks.

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