Crosswords with a Twist

May 30, 2019

Put your spelling to the ultimate test with some of the best wordy apps on the market designed especially for crossword lovers who are looking for a new adventure through the world of words that will test their spelling skills to their limit.

Put your spelling to the ultimate test with some of the best wordy apps on the market designed, especially for crossword lovers looking for a new adventure that will push their spelling skills to their limit.

Read below for the top five crossword apps:

Bonza Word Puzzle (iOS, Android)

Bonza is an instantly addictive puzzle game that takes its inspiration from crossword puzzles. Each level presents you with a broken crossword puzzle, your job is to match the pieces together in order to spell words and put the crossword back together. Look forward to daily puzzles that will push your brain to its limits and leave you eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s puzzle. If a new puzzle every day isn’t enough you can also create and share your own Bonza puzzles with friends meaning the fun never stops.

Wordscapes (iOS, Android)

Wordscapes combines everyone’s favorite word games bringing you all of the best from word searches and crosswords in this beautifully designed word creation game. Each level contains a crossword puzzle for you to complete but rather than the traditional style of crosswords Wordscapes presents you with six letters that you must use to fill in each word, the challenge is spotting the word hidden within the random mix of letters. A really nice feature is the inbuilt dictionary so that you can easily looking up words you might not have heard of before and expand your vocabulary while you play. Wordscapes might seem like an easy game at first but don’t be fooled as the challenge level drastically ramps up as you progress through each level, are you smart enough to beat Wordscape?

Letter Fridge (iOS)

Letter Fridge is a crossword app with a fun twist rather than simply filling in a crossword puzzle you are shown magnetic letters on a fridge that you must slide just like real magnets to create words and fill in the puzzle. At the start of each level your fridge is full of magnetic letters that will move into the crossword grid as you match them together to create words. You can even choose your fridge from a choice of different fridges including brightly colored retro fridges and shiny ultra-modern fridges.

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles (iOS, Android)

Help Cody and his alien friends who have crash-landed on Earth to learn about our planet and travel together across space and time to uncover the history of the universe. CodyCross is a beautifully immersive world full of puzzles just waiting to be completed. Explore each carefully designed scene, as you test your skills to fill in the missing words and work to discover the secret word that awaits at the end of each level. As you play inlock new themes and genres that will challenge even the most confident crossword pros.

Wordalot Picture Crossword (iOS, Android)

Wordalot takes an interesting approach to crosswords with Picture Crossword with over 1,000 levels to challenge yourself with. Complete each crossword by finding the words within the pictures and using them to complete the puzzle. The simple gameplay means that you don’t have to waste your valuable time learning how to navigate your way around the app, instead jump straight into the gameplay with your first picture and puzzle just waiting to be completed.

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