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Jul 27, 2016

Lose It! is one of the oldest, constantly updated top-notch diet and nutrition app. It adds something extra when you’re trying to shed pounds: a tool for exercise information. If you want to combine what you eat with how you plan on keeping fit, you’ll want this handy app.

With Lose It!, users enter a goal weight and the app provides a “budget” for how many calories you can eat for the day.  You search for and enter your food and exercise to tally your total calories. There’s a handy graph to help you see the progress you have made.

The app is extremely customizable. You have the ability to browse brand name foods and restaurant options in a huge database but you can also add recipes from your own kitchen and menu choices from local restaurants not found by the app’s search function. Moreover, if you can’t find a food item by name you can scan a barcode. A great tool is the menu called “my foods,” where the foods you eat most often are stored for easy reach.

Although the app is free, there is a premium membership and the app is at it best when subscribed. It costs $40 a year to use features like personal analysis of eating patterns and how it impacts weight loss, the ability of entering tomorrow’s meals, track weight and waist size, daily sodium intake and much more. Serious weight losers can also participate in challenges.

The customizing option extends to the exercise field.  You can name your exercise and how long it will last. But the exercise tools could use a little fine-tuning. Instead of handling these issues alone, Lose It! is integrated with many popular fitness and tracker apps, like RunKeeper or MapMyFitness.

The exercise selections are ample and even include household chores, but the options for the exercises rely solely on time and intensity.  The app does not account for incline or type of terrain. Walking uphill will burn many more calories than strolling down the block.

Smartwatches are still looking for their place in the gadget world. Lose It! is also available on Apple Watch now and they did a pretty good job to build an app that perfectly fits to a watch. You can log your meals and count calories using the app to keep you motivated reaching your weight goal.

Lose It!

We’re excited to announce Lose It! for Apple Watch! Learn more:

For the most part, Lose it! is a fine way to keep track of your calorie intake with a charming appearance and user-friendly interface.

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