Cooking green, eating green, shopping green – the best iPhone apps for vegans

Apr 27, 2017

There’s a joke about vegans that’s kind of getting old, but in this context, it’s evidently relevant: how do you know if someone is vegan? It’s easy, they tell you right away. The majority of jokes are, to varying extents, rooted in the truth, with this one – no offense to vegans – not being an exception. Still, vegans have something to be proud of, since sticking to a strictly vegan lifestyle – meaning avoiding foods, cosmetics, and basically all products containing animal-derived ingredients like the plague – requires a whole lot of dedication and effort. Cooking, finding restaurants with vegan-friendly meals, and finding cruelty-free products as a vegan can be highly problematic matters without some form of external help, which is why we’ve cooked up a compilation containing the best iPhone apps tailor-made for solving these typical vegan challenges.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”1″ title=”Finding Vegan”]

findingveganFinding Vegan, brought to you by Pixar Studios, is about a bearded barista lion’s journey of becoming a vegan in a world full of ruthless carnivores. In all seriousness, Finding Vegan, courtesy of the website with the very same name, gives you instant access to more than 50,000 vegan recipes, and you can also discover an immense selection of vegan-friendly blogs and websites to deepen your knowledge. All recipes come equipped with mouth-watering photos, and you can browse recipes by several categories. Finding Vegan costs $2.99.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”2″ title=”Eat Vegan – Delicious Vegan Diet Recipes and Meals”]

eatveganEat Vegan packs hundreds of vegan recipes covering a cavalcade of food categories including desserts, breakfasts, and salads. To provide substantial portions of tasty inspiration, there are photos for each recipe, and you can save your favorites to create your own recipe book. Facilitating a smooth user experience is a well-designed user interface, and speaking of smooth user experience, the fact that you can create grocery lists within the app is a much welcome feature. Maybe 2.99 is a number of great significance for vegans, because unlocking all recipes in Eat Vegan costs $2.99.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”3″ title=”HappyCow Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurant Guide”]

happycowHappyCow is the number one restaurant guide for vegetarians and vegans, helping health- and nature-conscious herbivores find vegan and vegetarian eateries – and also health food stores – in more than 180 countries. You can narrow down your searches using a variety of filters, or you can browse HappyCow’s interactive map to discover what the neighborhood has to offer. There are reviews, photos, directions, and contact info for each restaurant, and since vegans are arguably the biggest foodies of all, you can save must-visit spots for your next trip abroad. HappyCow costs $3.99, and it’s worth every cent.

HappyCow Android App Full Promo Video Feb 2016

This is the HappyCow Android app as of Feb 2016.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”4″ title=”Food Monster – 5000+ Vegan Recipes”]


Brought to you by One Green Planet, Food Monster boasts a monstrous collection of vegan, meatless, and dairy-free recipes – 500 of which are accessible for free. Since Food Monster’s monthly subscription fee of $1.99 most probably won’t break the bank, it’s really worth subscribing as it scores you more than 8,000 vegan recipes and 10 plus brand new daily recipes 5 days a week. You can easily find the delicacies you are looking for as you can browse recipes by diet, occasion, ingredient, and meal type, to name just a few, and you can discover a wide range of popular themes such as burgers and seasonal favorites. If you’re still undecided, just scan through the editor-selected recipes featured in the Meal Plan section.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”5″ title=”Cruelty Cutter”]


Animal testing is truly a despicable method, and any company employing it should be boycotted. We’re not saying that it’s easy – which is pretty sad, to tell you the truth -, but it definitely pays off in the long run, as we have the power to force these companies to change their ways by not buying their products and by spreading the word about animal testing. With Cruelty Cutter and its barcode scanner-comprehensive cruelty-free product catalog combo, you can make sure that you’re not contributing to further animal tests with your hard-earned cash. Even better is that you can take part in cyber activism via the app every time you stumble upon a non-cruelty-free product by posting on the Facebook page of the given company. In return, you’ll get “Doggie Dollars” which you can redeem for special deals on cruelty-free products. Another proof that activism does pay off!

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