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Jul 2, 2018

Coloring books have become extremely popular over the last few years with adults, being used mainly as a way to relax and switch off from the demands of the 21st century.

While there are very few things more relaxing than sitting down at the end of the day with a coloring book full of pages just waiting to be brought to life and a hot drink, mobile coloring apps open up a whole new world of coloring possibilities. With coloring apps you can take your coloring set everywhere with you, unleashing you creativity even when you’re on the move.

Below are five apps to get you coloring:

Bloom – Coloring Book (iOS)

Bloom is a calming coloring app perfect after a stressful day at work when you’re just looking to unwind and relax, from the calming ascetics of the app to the beautiful simplicity of the controls. With over 600 designs to choose from and new designs being added each month you will never find yourself short of pictures to color. The pictures are also extremely varied with everything from patterns to an underwater scene. A really nice feature of Bloom is that rather than paying a monthly subscription or purchasing packs to gain more content you instead use your phone’s camera and the world around you to unlock new designs and colors.

Bloom – Coloring Book App | Trailer

Add color to your life, engage your creativity and relax by making beautiful art with Bloom. Get access to over 500 exclusive, unique designs as well as 100s of colors and tools to create the effects you want and make each design a unique piece of art.

Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults (iOS, Android)

Colorfy is an extremely simple coloring app that focuses on offering uses coloring therapy as a relaxation tool. The theme of the app shines through in every element from the minimalist design that allows you to enter a world free from distractions to the beautiful pictures that are available for you to color. Choosing you colors and brushes couldn’t be easier with a simple tool bar at the bottom of the page offering all the tool you could need in just one click. Colorfy has even made it easy for you to share your work across different platforms including Instagram and Pinterest so that you can show off your hard work and be inspired by other creations.

Colorfy iOS11 V6 1920×1080 portrait EN

Uploaded by Fun Games For Free – Official on 2018-03-28.

Tayasui Color (iOS)

Tayasui Color offers the closest thing possible on a screen to a real-life coloring experience with four ultra-realistic drawing tools to choose from, including a watercolor brush that can be used to create some stunning results. The app also features realistic sounds while you’re coloring, truly immersing you into the experience and making coloring with Tayasui the perfect activity to help you relax. The app comes complete with a wide choice of pictures to color, with a good balance between simple quick sketches and highly detailed patterns that you could spend hours on.

Color Me: Adults Coloring Book (iOS, Android)

Color Me is a coloring app designed just for adults, with a wide variety of detailed pictures to keep you coloring for hours, choose from mandalas, animals, food and many other themes. Color Me offers an extensive choice of colors that are displayed in a beautifully simple yet eye-catching toolbar giving you complete control over every shade of your drawing. Color Me strives to make the whole coloring experience as easy as possible right down to the built-in tools allowing you to share your masterpieces online.

Lake: Coloring Books (iOS)

Lake is a coloring app that focuses on making the experience feel as realistic as possible, while also taking you beyond the basic world of coloring with pencils, with a choice of tools to use including a spray can fill tool and watercolor brush. Lake also uses a color wheel meaning that there is almost no end to the color options in your toolkit, giving you everything that you need to create truly beautiful pieces of artwork. Lake offers a new illustration every day, giving you something to look forward to after a long day or even to collect and save for a day of relaxing coloring in the sun. There is also a feature to share your work with other users and discover inspiring artists within the community.

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