Clarifying the Myths with the iPhone

Feb 2, 2018

As a company that is shrouded in secrecy in terms of product development and features, many rumors have been spread about Apple and its products, particularly for the iPhone. With these stories becoming myths that people widely believe, this article breaks down the various myths and reveals the truth behind the different legends.

Battery Management

One of the most common myths surrounding the battery of the iPhone is that it must be fully drained before charging otherwise it could be damaged. Although this may have been true with older batteries, newer lithium ion batteries are not damaged if they are charged without being empty. Ultimately, iPhone users can charge their phone at any percentage without damaging the battery instead of only doing it when the battery is completely drained. However, it is suggested that the phone be used until the battery dies once in a while so that the battery percentage indicator is more accurate.

Further to this, many people believe that charging the iPhone overnight will lead to “overcharging” which further reduces the life of the battery. Similarly to the myth about only charging the phone when the battery is completely drained, this fact may have been true in the past with older battery models but with lithium ion, the battery cannot be damaged by overnight charging.

Lastly, a large number of people believe that using the phone while it is charging is dangerous as the phone can either explode or lead to a shorter battery life. Again, this is completely untrue and perfectly normal for the phone if a quality charger and cable is being used as discussed in the next paragraph.

Replica Chargers

Believe it or not, the quality of the charger does affect the performance of the battery. While many people believe that all chargers are the same, the fact is that cheap replica chargers are slower and can actually damage the life of the battery in the worst cases. For this reason, it is highly recommended that users only use Apple-issued chargers and cables or ones that are from reputable brands.

Turning off the Device

It is common for many people to keep their phone awake as long as possible without ever turning it off. Although many people believe that this is harmless as the phone is simply a machine, it is recommended that the device be turned off periodically in order to maintain its performance. In doing so, memory leaks and redundant background processes can be eliminated to improve overall performance.

Airplane Mode on Airplanes

With procedures and flight attendants reminding people to turn their devices to airplane mode throughout a flight for safety reasons, the chances of phone interference actually occurring with the on-board equipment are extremely slim. So what is the reason for the myth of airplane mode being so important during a flight? In reality, the more plausible reason why this procedure is to increase focus from the passengers as they are less likely to make calls and text and instead listen to the messages of the crew. Although this is the case, it is good practice to place the phone on airplane mode as requested by the crew.

Radiation Danger

Another myth that is believed by many is that mobile phones emit harmful doses of radiation and should therefore not be kept near the head or pockets at all times. However, all iPhones must pass a specific standard that indicates the healthy amount of energy that is released from the device. As a result, the notion of danger from radiation is one that is highly misleading as it is not hazardous to keep the device on the person at all times.

Viruses and Hacks

It is commonly said that the iPhone is inherently better than Android devices because it cannot be infected with viruses or be hacked as the apps are all submitted and evaluated before they can be uploaded to the App Store. However, in light of recent security breaches, it is evident that this myth is simply not true and that infected sites and apps can still be found on the iPhone in rare cases. As a result, it is still crucial for iPhone users to still follow cyber security procedures to prevent security breaches on the phone.

Jailbreaking is Illegal

For those who wish to further customize their phone, the act of jailbreaking is not illegal although this is commonly thought of to be true. While jailbreaking the phone is not illegal, jailbreaking will most likely void any warranties and illegally downloading apps is against the law. As a result, those who wish to jailbreak the iPhone in order to increase customization are able to do so without legal repercussions at the expense of a void warranty.

Closing All of the Open Apps Increases Battery Life and Performance

While it is commonly believed that closing all of the open apps can help increase the life of the battery and increase the phones speed, this is not always the case as it may require more processing power to open the app once it is closed than to simply load the already open app. Therefore trying to increase battery life by closing the open apps may not yield any results and actually reduce the battery life overall.

Although there are a significant number of rumors and myths that exist, this article finds the truth behind the most popular ones pertaining to the iPhone. From battery management to radiation danger associated, the myths surrounding the iPhone can be highly misleading and affect regular usage pattern which this article addresses.

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