Christmas Gift Ideas for Phone Lovers

Dec 13, 2017

As Christmas gets nearer, many shoppers are scrambling to find the best gifts at the lowest prices. In the realm of mobile phones, this article discusses the best gifts for mobile phone lovers in terms of both hardware and apps that are affordable to nearly everyone.

USB Key for Android

As transferring files can be a hassle that requires a dedicated cord, the Techkey OTG USB Flash Drive is a USB drive that makes data transferring easier and more efficient with two heads, one for the computer and one for the phone. With this, users simply plug the drive into their computer, transfer the files to the drive, and then can carry the drive around until they want to access it on their phone. In having a head that can fit into the phone, users can plug it directly to their phone at any time in order to access the files. Given this level of accessibility, the Techkey acts as an external memory drive for phones as well as a method of transferring files which does not require any cords.

USB Key for iOS

Similarly to the Techkey, the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive lets iPhone users back up their memory by simply plugging the drive into their phone. With this, users can back up all of their memory at any moment without having to sync it to iTunes and then later transfer the files from the flash drive to the computer. This is especially handy if users often experience a full memory which stops the device from being able to take more photos. At only $40, the SanDisk iXpand flash drive is one of the best data transferring tools for iPhone that does not require the need for iTunes or connecting the device to a dedicated computer.

Gift Cards

As an increasing number of apps support in-app purchases, gift cards for both iOS and Android users can act as virtual currency for the purchases that are made. Perfect for people who often buy apps, content, or in-app purchases, the gift cards are a substitute for giving money while still being highly relevant for many phone users.


For those who often type large messages or conduct a lot of note taking on their device, typing can be a nuisance given the size of the on-screen keyboard. As a result, the AGS Wireless Laser Projection Keyboard is a tool that projects a virtual keyboard onto any surface which users can then type on while it is connected to the mobile phone. With this, users are able to essentially bring a keyboard with them wherever they are in order to increase typing efficiency, especially for phones with limited screen sizes. At $32, the keyboard is nearly the same cost as a traditional keyboard with a small physical profile which makes it a great gift for those who often type a large amount on their phone.

A.G.S laser projection keyboard review

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For Screen Mirroring

As the screen size of mobile phones are limiting, many people seek to enjoy a larger screen for watching movies or playing games. As a result, the Google Chrome Cast is a highly recommended gift that can stream the contents of the mobile device right to the TV, essentially converting any television into a smart TV. Through the Chrome Cast, users are able to mirror the activities on their phone straight to their TV without any cords or setup process to include movies, music, and even games. Perfect for phone users who seek to improve their mobile experience by being able to use a larger screen, the Google Chrome Cast is an essential gift that is relatively low cost.

For Fitness

Fitbit is a name that is often regarded as synonymous with wearable technologies. As fitness and healthy living are on the rise, a Fitbit tracker is a gift that can accurately track various health metrics in a stylish manner. With a complimentary app, users are able to see exactly how they have been keeping up with their fitness goals while the app has various mechanisms to encourage more physical activities through virtual badges and trophies. With a suite of different available models, Fitbit offers a wide price range with various features so that there is one for nearly any lifestyle. Beyond simply tracking the number of steps, the app is highly comprehensive in the metrics that are tracked to include sleep cycles, weight, heart rate, and diet so that all aspects of health can be accurately measured. For those who are interested in increasing their fitness, the suite of Fitbit products is a highly recommended gift.

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Portable Projectors

Similarly to the Google Chrome Cast, the LCD Mini Projector is a device that enhances the viewing experience for mobile phones by enlarging screen size. As a highly portable projector, a larger viewing screen can be brought anywhere in order to project the media that is playing on the device to any wall. As an inexpensive projector, the sharpness of the output is extremely high and can support files that are 1080p for the best picture quality. Given that it is a tool that can greatly enhance the viewing experience, the projector is essential for phone users who watches a lot of media on their device.

Gearbest Review: YG-300 LCD Projector Review –

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With all of the available gifts that can be given in the mobile space, the ones outlined in this article are must haves for phone lovers. From gift cards that enable for purchases of mobile content to USB keys that streamline the data transferring process, these items are inexpensive yet can brighten up the holiday season for those who often use their phone.

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