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May 3, 2018

Given that there are a vast number of restaurants and bars available for diners, multiple solutions that help users decide on where to eat or drink based on their preferences have emerged in the mobile space. For example, Urbanspoon and OpenTable are apps that make recommendations based on algorithms and reviews left by previous visitors, although these are typically a hit-or-miss in terms of overall satisfaction. Without making blatant recommendations for readers that sometimes provide no value, ChefsFeed is a food recommendation and discovery app that deviates from the traditional recommendation tools by integrating social elements into the user experience.

Instead of direct recommendations, ChefsFeed utilizes the credibility and experience of professional chefs to help those who are looking to discover new foods through social media-like networks which embodies both videos and stories. In having more in-depth reviews and insights on the different foods and restaurants in the area, readers can get a greater sense of what professionals think of the restaurant as opposed to anonymous reviews as with other recommendation apps.[sc name=”quote” text=”ChefsFeed utilizes the credibility and experience of professional chefs to help those who are looking to discover new foods”]

Encompassing all types of meals from dates to happy hours and even bars, the app is one that is comprehensive in what it can offer those looking for new dishes or places to eat. Furthermore, users can discover what is in their local area using a map that leverages the location feature to find out the recommended chefs and restaurants that are geographically close by. In having these features, ChefsFeed is perfect for food recommendations that ranges in media formats from text to videos for both foods and drinks.

ChefsFeed: Google Play Store Preview Video April 2018

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ChefsFeed utilizes the insight of professional chefs in the area as a basis for making recommendations and helping users discover new foods or restaurants, thus the videos and articles typically take longer to go through as opposed to traditional review systems such as Yelp or Urbanspoon. With these alternative apps, reviews can be read quickly with the use of a rating system and comments although these are typically done anonymously and are not as detailed as with the reviews left by ChefsFeed’s professionals. The content that is curated and delivered to ChefsFeed’s users is highly detailed in the form of short articles and even videos, making them extremely comprehensive in their reviews. As a result, the app is perfect for those who are looking for a greater sense of credible reviews and details as opposed to quick reviews left my many anonymous diners which may have no professional weight.[sc name=”quote” text=”the app is perfect for those who are looking for a greater sense of credible reviews”]

As an alternative source for dining recommendations and discovery, ChefsFeed is an app that deviates from the typical review systems of other apps that are less detailed and not backed up by credible critics. As the media on the app such as articles and videos are done by professional chefs, users are able to get a greater sense of confidence with the reviews, making it one of the best apps that can be used for those looking to discover new restaurants and meals.

Get this app and you’ll learn where Bobby Flay gets the best ingredients, where Anne Burrell goes for Italian, and much more!

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