Can’t sleep or study? White Noise Lite gets you relaxing or focus

Aug 9, 2016

In case it isn’t clear from the name, White Noise Free is a free (and fabulous) app that makes white noise come from your iPhone. 

White Noise Free allows you to choose from virtually any sound. Need to hear waves lapping at the shore, crickets or a thunderstorm? Got that. How about the drone of a fan, hard-and-fast rain falling or the ticking of a grandfather clock? White Noise Lite has those sounds too. The app even plays aloud the tinkling of wind chimes, the clickety-clack of a train ride, the monotony of an airplane ride (minus the noise of other passengers), and the buzz of good old-fashioned white noise.

The app is almost ten years old now but it is regularly updated with new sounds. The sounds included in White Noise Free are faithful reproductions of what they describe, though we would caution anyone whose bladder is triggered by the sound of water to steer clear of the pouring rain or the beach wave.

Zen Spa Music

Download the entire sound to the White Noise App by TMSOFT at for free. The ocean moves with slow and powerful pulses, lulling you into a deep state of relaxation while the sun gently warms your face, and the clean fragrance of white sandy beach flitters across your nostrils.

The app allows the user to swipe the screen to change from one noise to the next, each sound accompanied by artful photographs, as well as to set a timer to run the noise for up to 23 hours and 55 minutes before it shuts down automatically, or to choose a specific time at which the noise should cease after you’ve drifted off to sleep.

Volume, balance and pitch can be set via the “Controls” button, and an “Upgrade” button will take the user to the App Store where the full version of White Noise can be purchased.

The latest version of the app allows mixing and recording sounds and uploading them to White Noise Market, and these unique sounds will be available for other users.

As on most free apps found in the iPhone App Store, White Noise Free includes advertisements at the bottom of the screen when it is running.  You probably won’t notice because you’ll be falling asleep.

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Viki Gonia

Viki Gonia writes a column for her local paper, teaches writing at Columbia College of Chicago, and has had her iPhone surgically attached to her hand.

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