Can you find Shadox before he finds you?

Sep 29, 2016

Who knew playing with boxes could be so much fun! BoxNSeek is a new game from SNT Gaming and Cerberus Interactive.

BoxNSeek loosely follows the concept of ‘hide and seek’, in which a bunch of Seekers must find the one hidden player Shadox, and at the same time trying to avoid him as you will be eliminated if he bumps into you. Up to 4 players per round, 3 players are randomly assigned to a different colored Seeker and the last player gets to be Shadox. The Seekers must use their torch to find Shadox and drain his health by keeping him in the light. However, this is not as easy as it sounds, Shadox does not appear on any Seeker’s device and will only show when in the light. Shadox on the other hand can see all players at all times and uses this to his advantage by sneaking around undetected.

The levels are a maze of corridors, each with their own theme. There is a total of three maps that can be played, you start with one free map and the other two need to be unlocked via in-game coins. It takes some time to get use to the layout and you need to be alert at all times as Shadox can be lurking around any corner. Accompanying each map is an original soundtrack that has a fun sound that fits in with the maps theme. When playing as a Seeker, working as a team goes a long way in this game as you will not survive going up against Shadox on your own. Shining your torch from as far away as possible is the best tactic to staying alive.


Coins are rewarded to the winning side and can be used to purchase additional costumes for both characters or purchase different maps. Coins can also be used to rejoin the round as a Seeker if you are eliminated. Make sure to save enough coins as you will be eliminated a lot due to Shadox being able to assassinate you with one touch. The other option is to purchase coin packages with the game’s in-app purchases.

Box N Seek

The light is your only friend. Seek out Shadox before he finds you! BoxNSeek, the up and coming multiplayer iOS & Android elimination mobile game.

Design and Interface

The overall design to BoxNSeek is visually pleasing (especially if you like purple) and the box characters are a nice idea. Each playable character can be customized with a variety of outfits that can be mixed and matched with each other. The interface is clutter-free and simple to understand. The game supports a touch system d-pad that is fairly easy to use and the torch is activated by tapping and holding the torch icon on the right of the screen.

Overall, BoxNSeek does provide intense fast paced gameplay and since it is free to play it is definitely worth a look. The only minor downside is that there is no single player, BoxNSeek is pure multiplayer and since it has just been released finding a game can be hit or miss. So make sure to play it with friends.

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