Butterfly’s Dream Review – Another MYSTery to Solve

Mar 19, 2019

Classic East Asian art meets a mythological mystery in Butterfly’s Dream.

Sometimes, the best gaming experience is a soothing, quiet one. For all the action-packed adventures and strategic challenges available on mobile, it’s always refreshing to find a great contemplative piece. Which is where Butterfly’s Dream‘s beautiful journey comes in. PlumbBun Studios’ brain teaser is equal parts a mystery and variety puzzler. You’ll travel through a scenic Japanese monastery and its surrounding mountains, slowly piecing apart your own amnesia as you encounter fellow travelers along the way. Each step is entwined by curious supernatural happenings following in your wake. It’s a story relatively light on dialogue, letting the world speak for itself. Honestly, that’s for the best, as the world itself is gorgeous.

What's fascinating is the sheer variety of puzzles on display and their use of your phone's capabilities.

It really can’t be overstated just how well Butterfly’s Dream presents its fantastical setting. The user interface elements are carefully limited, letting you primarily engage with the world by intuition while still keeping you on the main path. Elevating it over some Myst likes are its soothing background tracks and gentle animations. You never feel pressured to rush through anything, letting you appreciate the moment. The present conundrum might not be solved in your current sitting, but there’s no shame at putting it down only to come back later.

It really can't be overstated just how well Butterfly's Dream presents its fantastical setting.

Butterflys Dream Review

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As far as the puzzles are considered, I ironically kept expecting more elaborate solutions than the reality presented. You will have moments of backtracking, but given that comes down to a few taps and swipes at most, that’s not a major complaint. There are hints to help you along, though they tend to be on the vague side, and they can be disabled if you prefer to go it on your own. What’s fascinating is the sheer variety of puzzles on display and their use of your phone’s capabilities. What you expect is a simple tapping affair, but expect to make use of your gyroscope, audio cues, and more as you make your way through Butterfly’s Dream. Some land better than others, especially a musically inclined puzzle early on some players may need a guide for. Overall, it’s a pleasant mixture.

You never feel pressured to rush through anything, letting you appreciate the moment.

Butterfly’s Dream doesn’t break the boundaries of puzzle gaming, but it offers one of the prettiest, most pleasant offerings of early 2019. An easy recommendation if you’re looking for a free, artsy game with some unique mobile gameplay ideas.

Our Rating

Gorgeous visuals, great sound design, wonderful world to explore.Hints could be a bit more helpful, and some puzzles require more legwork than others.
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