Business Chat on iOS

Jun 10, 2018

A feature that has been recently introduced on the iOS device that is exclusive to Apple devices is Business Chat which is designed to help users get in touch with businesses in ways that would not be possible otherwise. In offering direct access to businesses, users of Business Chat can save time for everything from purchases to inquiries and even appointments.

As the feature helps to streamline different things that a customer may want to do with a business through the use of a chat as opposed to a call that may have an automated system which takes a long time to navigate, users can quickly get in touch with a real person. Furthermore, beyond just being able to chat with a person to ask questions and set appointments, users can now also make purchases right on the Messenger app. As all of this is done with a real person, users can get exactly what they need as opposed to having to do these functions through the phone or online. In using the service, privacy is still maintained for the user as businesses do not see who it is that they are chatting with to include phone numbers or names unless a user wants to share this information for delivery or for appointment purposes.

To find businesses that have Business Chat enabled, users can simply search for the business in different places for the contact information to come up. For example, the Google Maps app or web search is able to return the different contact information of the business which also displays the chat feature if it is enabled. When contacting a business, a person might not immediately be available to reply so an automated message will be sent to help direct the user. However, a person should always reply after a bit as it may be during closed hours of the business. In the interface of a chat, it is extremely easy to communicate with businesses regarding what a user may want and so it is made to increase usability for those who prefer messengers as opposed to phone calls.

For those who feel more comfortable conducting business through the chat interface with real people as opposed to dedicated apps or websites, Business Chat on iOS can greatly serve to increase the degree of convenience and usability for customers who do not want to use online forms or make calls to schedule appointments or make general inquiries.

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