Bouncy Smash – Goomba Stomping to New Heights

Mar 8, 2018

Bouncy Smash leaps to new heights, stomping all the way.

Sometimes it takes one simple idea to birth a multitude of gameplay possibilities. For Bouncy Smash, that core conceit is stomping enemies on the head, chaining together collisions into strings of combos for the highest score possible. As games go, Bouncy Smash isn’t a design revelation, but it honestly doesn’t have to be with gameplay this tight and satisfying.

Bouncy Smash is a unique game to talk about because it can actually be summed up in one sentence. Beyond its core conceit, I can tell you that the controls are super slick with grooving animations that are even smoother. The soundtrack is spectacular. The gameplay variety is superb.

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Bouncy Smash leaps to new heights, stomping all the way:

There’s a good number of enemies you have to fight, growing from standard grunts to opponents that split upon impact, or require you jump to disable their shield; there’s an equal amount of hazards and assists you interact with including saw blades and moving platforms. You’ve also got four different power-ups to choose from, though most players are going to rely on health packs and the invincibility shield the most when getting started.

Given the game’s randomized nature, with the bonus of daily challenges and mid-playthrough modifiers for every run, you’ve basically got endless possibilities to plunge your way through. Plus, there’s online leaderboards and stats, as well as customization options unlocked after every hundred coins collected. As of this time, I couldn’t find any microtransactions to speak of, but there was the option to watch an ad to continue each run after dying.

Really, the only thing about Bouncy Smash that I have an issue with is that death seems to come a bit too easily when you’re first getting your feet wet. Additionally, while Bouncy Smash has a marvelous sense of style, the pop-y, hyped “to 11!” soundtrack and visuals can grow a bit much after a prolonged session. This is a game made to be played in small bursts.

Bouncy Smash is a wonderful little game, and I highly recommend it. It’s easy to pick up and play – despite some swift gameovers – and is sharply refined. Not the easiest game to talk about at length, but a damn good one nonetheless. It’s a snap for any iOS mobile gamers.

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An excellent infinite-platformerThe flow of combos and dodging hits takes a little getting used to.

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