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Jun 20, 2018

Deviating from the content that typically explore the different apps and settings for the mobile phone, this article will discuss the different sources that can be used to compare different mobile devices themselves. As an increasing number of mobile phones become available, each of which is designed to be strong in a specific feature, selecting the right device is a big decision that can be confusing to many. Taking into account costs, features, and overall function, this article discusses the best sources that those who are looking to buy a phone can use to make the most informed decision.

GSM Arena

One of the most comprehensive sites that can be used to compare mobile phones is which lets users select different phones and then compares them next to each other based on different criteria such as screen size, weight, battery capacity, and average price. In being able to select two different phones, those who have narrowed down their search can easily compare between the two phones to see which device better suits their needs whether it is based on camera quality or screen size. However, this site is applicable to two devices at a time so it is recommended that those who are looking to buy a device should have already narrowed down their phone search to just two potential options.

Gadgets Now

Gadgetsnow is similar to GSM Arena in that users are able to select different phones to easily compare with each other based on certain criteria. However, what differentiates from competing sites is that users are also able get different information in the mobile phone space and even shop for accessories. For example, those who are looking to compare phones can see which device they like best based on the comparison and then make purchases for the accessories that are applicable to that device. Furthermore, visitors can see the different reviews that have been left for that device so that they can get an in-depth understanding of the device as opposed to only the technical specifications. With the combination of these features, is one of the most comprehensive sites for mobile phone reviews and comparisons that can make the purchasing decision significantly easier.

Phone Arena

One of the most popular names in the mobile phone space is given its wide offering of mobile device information. Although other sites offer comparable services such as phone comparisons for two devices, Phonearea is a site that lets users select the phones to compare based on a filter instead of having to know which phones are going to be compared. With this, those who are looking to buy a phone can narrow down their search through the site by selecting various filters such as  manufacturers, carriers, class, and operating system. In doing so, those who may not be familiar with the mobile phone space can easily narrow down their search and compare between the different results that are returned. As a result, phonearena is a recommended site for those who do not know which devices they wish to narrow down in their comparison.


While the other sites listed in this article help to compare two phones with each other, lets users compare up to 5 at once so that the best contrasts can be made for a larger number of device. In being able to see the specs for 5 different phones at once based on a set on factors such as screen, CPU, GPU, camera, and battery life, it is an intermediary between those who have narrowed down their search for which devices they want to purchase and those who do not know which device they want to purchase as up to 5 phones can be compared at once. In offering a large number of devices that can be compared with each other at the same time, users can get the best visibility on a more devices so that a better comparison can be achieved as opposed to only having visibility on two devices at a time.


As a site that focuses primarily on the prices of different devices, those who are making their decision based on the costs are able to see the range of prices on Instead of having to look at the different prices from multiple sources online, the site aggregates all of the costs into a single site so that it is extremely easy to compare. Although the emphasis of the site is not on the specs of the devices, those who are on a budget and are looking to search for comparable phones based on costs alone can do so through smartprix which makes it a great tool. Furthermore, users can see what kind of deals currently exist so that they can take advantage of any cost-savings that may be offered through the different sources online, helping users to save money as well as compare devices.

For those who are looking for ways to compare between different devices to make the best purchasing decision, the tools listed in this article are able to provide a significant amount of useful data. From sites that help to compare two phones to others that help to narrow down the list of phones that match a certain criteria in order to make a comparison, the sites listed in this article can greatly help those looking to buy a new phone make the best decision possible based on their needs.

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