Best iPhone photography apps of all time

Jul 29, 2014

Having a handy camera in your pocket at all times is one of the best features of smartphones, but your standard iPhone camera can often leave something to be desired.

Having a handy camera in your pocket at all times is one of the best features of smartphones, but your standard iPhone camera can often leave something to be desired. Use these apps to get the most out of your mobile photography.

Instagram (Free)

Perhaps the easiest of photography apps, Instagram makes the toughest part of taking great photos the pointing and shooting bit. Once you’ve done that, you can add filters, make some quick adjustments to saturation, color and hue, and instantly upload the image to Instagram’s online social network. It’s a great app for sharing photos that requires a minimal effort!

Camera Awesome (Free)

Camera Awesome brings you plenty of photo-editing capabilities, but its camera elements really help you take better shots. Those include things like composition guides and filters to help you get the most out of your shots. Then you can go to work editing your images to get exactly what you want out of every frame.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone ($4.99)

Well-known for its powerful photo manipulation capabilities, Adobe Photoshop goes mobile with a simplified, handy version in Adobe Photoshop Touch. The app packs a lot of the same Photoshop capabilities most people know about, like placing elements on “layers” so they can be rearranged in an image, and the app makes it easy to combine multiple photos together for creating something new.

Photo Editor- (Free)

Though it might not be as professional and robust as some other photo editors (such as Photoshop Touch), Photo Editor- offers a lot in versatility and ease of use, especially for people who just want to bring fun to photos. It includes usual elements like the ability to remove red eye or adjust contrast and brightness, and also packs capabilities that let you draw on photos, add stickers and other elements, and choose various effects.

Faded ($0.99)

Faded combines photo editing with lots of film-looking effects to give you the non-digital effect for your images. It carries all the editing features users are used to, but also packs lots of “undo” ability, so you can get exactly the effects and edits you want without being stuck with something you don’t.

VSCO Cam (Free)

You get a lot of features for free in VSCO Cam, and they’ll help you to take better photos and to create better, finished products, as well. The app gives focus, exposure and white balance control to users when they’re shooting, then lets them edit their images, add presets and filters, and compare them to the originals to get exactly the right effect.

Handy Photo ($1.99)

Another useful mobile editing suite, Handy Photo brings a lot of the run-of-the-mill functions like color correction and retouching, and adds some more unique, interesting elements as well. You can do things like “uncrop” photos and straighten crooked shots, add frames to your images, and apply filters to only a portion of a given picture.

PicFrame ($0.99)

The focus of PicFrame is not on editing individual photos, but rather on creating packages of several images grouped together within interesting frames. You’re able to customize a number of different elements of the frames, adding shadows and rounded edges. PicFrame can group as many as nine images together in shareable frames, which can be uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Camera+ ($1.99)

The claim to fame of Camera+ is its Clarity filter, which makes several automatic adjustments to your images to bring out details and improve your photos. The app has lots of other features as well, such as scene and shooting modes for helping you take the best photos no matter what time of day or location you’re in, a 6x digital zoom, and the ability to add borders and captions to your shareable images.

Facetune ($2.99)

You can tune up your photos with lots of different apps, but Facetune is meant to help you adjust the faces of the people in your shots. The app lets you remove blemishes from skin, whiten teeth, filter out gray hair and adjust facial structures. It also packs filters of its own so you can adjust not only how faces look in your images, but how the overall photo looks when you’re done.

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