Best iPhone shopping apps of all time

Apr 18, 2014

Take your iPhone on your next shopping trip – along with these great apps – if you want to organize your shopping lists, find the best possible products and get the lowest prices.

Take your iPhone on your next shopping trip – along with these great apps – if you want to organize your shopping lists, find the best possible products and get the lowest prices.

Amazon (Free)

Online retailer Amazon is absolutely brimming with products that you can buy right from your phone using its app. You can easily search for products by typing them in or by snapping a picture of what you’re looking for, and the app also includes a barcode scanner that allows you to quickly find products and compare prices. The app also supports things like one-click purchasing and the like, as well.

RedLaser (Free)

Another way to compare prices is RedLaser, a barcode scanner that brings up all kinds of information on products. You can use it to see what the price of an item is at other nearby stores as well as online, and you’ll also get info like price history and nutritional information. RedLaser also provides you with coupons and deals for the stores you shop as you arrive so you never miss out.

Etsy (Free)

Online community Etsy is filled with people who create their own craft items and offer them for sale, and the best way to browse the huge number of products from all different categories is with the Etsy app. You can find anything from clothes to jewelry to furniture created by actual people, and the app allows you to make your purchases and have them shipped to you right from your smartphone.

Pushpins Grocery Coupons and Lists (Free)

Great for creating shopping lists and making sure you don’t forget anything, Pushpins lets you sync your lists between other members of your family or with friends using AirDrop, email and more. You can also arrange your list by aisle, see product information and images, and even find new recipes to try.

eBay (Free)

Auction site eBay has grown over the years, and if you’re an avid user, you’re definitely going to want to keep its mobile app handy. It allows both buyers and sellers full access to eBay, which means you can enter bids, track auctions and pay for items you win, as well as snap photos of things you want to sell and create your listings in a snap.

RetailMeNot Coupons (Free)

Always make sure you’re getting the best deal with the help of RetailMeNot. You can use the app to access the online service’s huge database of coupons and deals, allowing you to track down the best deals near you and save them for later. You can also see what’s on sale and what coupons are available when you walk into a store, and all the coupons you find can be scanned and used from your iPhone — no printing required.

Shopping Search by TheFind (Free)

If you want to buy something, TheFind will help you do it. The app lets you search for products across a huge number of stores and online, bringing you the best deals and lowest prices possible. You can also scan barcodes to find products and use stores’ price match policies to get good deals, or just page through the personalized shopping lists TheFind creates for you based on your tastes and favorites.

Groupon (Free)

Groupon brings its users big savings on all kinds of things through the magic of group sales. The system works like this: Groupon presents an offer from a business near you, and if you like it, you agree to pay for it — often at a huge discount. You can use the app to view nearby groupons, pay for them, and redeem them at businesses. You can also share cool groupons with others through social network integration.

Grocery iQ (Free)

Create and manage grocery lists using Grocery iQ. It lets you not only jot down everything you need to grab when you hit the supermarket, but also allows you to arrange your trip by aisle so you don’t miss anything, save favorites and see what you’ve already bought, and even scan barcodes for more information about foods and to make sure you’re getting a good price.

Shopkick (Free)

Shopkick gives users rewards for the stores they already frequent. It works just by tracking the fact that you’re shopping — open the app when you enter a shop and scan certain items to earn “kicks,” which can get you rewards to save money. You can also tie Shopkick to your credit cards to earn even more rewards.


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