Best iPhone apps for freelancers of all time

Oct 11, 2016

Freelancers are always on call and potentially always ready to work, provided they have the right tools. Our list of the best apps for freelancers can help make working for yourself a little easier, no matter where you are when you’re doing it.

Google Drive

You get lots of free cloud-based storage capacity with Google Drive, which makes it easy to save files you need access to later in a place where you can get at them from multiple devices. Google’s app also includes online office software, so you can create word processing or spreadsheet documents, edit them remotely from your iPhone, and share them with others — including employers. It’s a handy way to turn in assignments even when you’re away from your desk, as well.

Google Drive for Android

Google Drive is safe, online storage that lets you access your files from any device.


Whether you need to write down a great idea or make a note about something important for later, Evernote is the app to do it. It provides tons of note-taking capabilities, supporting everything from typing down text to recording voice memos, and also has cloud-syncing capabilities that let you access and search your notes whether you’re on your iPhone or your computer.


A big part of any freelancer’s work is keeping track of what they need to bill their clients. Invoice2Go makes it easy to keep organized on the work you’ve done, the rates you’ve charged, and who owes you what. You can also use the app to actually issue in PDF form to your employers with the app, and include Paypal payment options so you get your money faster.

Any.DO Task & To-Do List

Keep yourself organized using Any.DO, a robust to-do list app that lets users create to-do lists that syncs with the cloud to let you access all your lists across multiple devices. The app’s simple, clean design makes it easy to keep your lists organized and to tick off items, and supports speech-to-text so you can add items to your agenda without the need to type them.


PayPal is an extremely useful app for any freelancer, because it’s great for getting paid. You can use a Paypal account to both send and receive money, allowing you to quickly pay bills or people you work with, while accepting payments from clients for work you’ve completed. You can then transfer the money to your bank account, or use it for other things like paying bills.


Just as essential as accepting and paying out money quickly and easily is keeping track of the work you’ve done and the time you need to bill to clients. HoursTracker helps deal with all those elements, making it easy to track what time you’ve worked across multiple job sessions, and to see how much you’ve worked with monthly overviews.


Dropbox provides cloud storage that lets you quickly save your files and access them over your Internet connection. That makes it handy for when you need to access files on the go or from multiple devices, and you can share items saved in your Dropbox account with others by generating links that make them accessible to whoever you want. That means you can use Dropbox to share important documents when you need to, or just to keep your important things handy no matter where you are.


Whether you need to scan and return a contract, keep track of receipts for expenses and tax purposes, or any other scanning job, you’ll want to grab JotNot. It lets you use your iPhone’s camera as a scanner, and supports creating multi-page PDFs from within the app. JotNot will even send faxes to U.S. numbers straight from your phone.

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

Splashtop allows you to remotely view and access your computer using your mobile devices. By firing up the app, as well as downloading the Splashtop software onto your computer, you can use your Internet connection to access your desktop from wherever you are — which can allow you to access files and do other things as if you were at your terminal. Just note that you’ll have to leave your computer running in order to access it remotely.

Splashtop Personal HD for Android Tablets-Best Remote Desktop App with Great Audio and Video Support

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Freelancers often do not have skills in designing and so this is where this intuitive graphic design tool called Canva comes in. Canva offers a huge library of ready-made templates which makes it really easy to create beautiful images to be used for a wide array of platforms (social media, blog, infographics, presentations and more). Registration is free and it also comes in two different apps – iPad and iPhone.

Studio Design

Studio Design is a powerful photo-editing tool that enables Freelancers to create beautiful images within seconds and directly upload it to their social media accounts. With Studio, you can easily remix other people’s designs by swapping out the base photo/image with one of your own.

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