Best Apps That Can be Safely Used in the Car

Jul 13, 2018

As one of the leading causes are car accidents are a result of distracted driving due to cell phone usage, many different forms of deterrents have been implemented to reduce cell phone distraction. However, given the number of tools that are offered which can help drivers, certain apps can be used while driving which do not contribute to dangerous behaviours. For this reason, this article reveals the apps that drivers can use during their commutes that do not distract them from the road.

Android Auto

Making it easier and less distracting to use apps and content from a phone during a drive. To use Android Auto directly from the phone or compatible car, users can mount the screen to a dock and then open the app. From there, the app will show users the various things that a user will need during their ride. For example, Google Maps will help users navigate to their destination while they can also listen to many of the apps that they already use on their phone. With all of the compatible apps shown in a simple interface, users can switch between apps with a simple click instead of having to spend more time and attention switching apps the traditional method.

Your Google Assistant on Android Auto: Plan your day

Your Google Assistant is now available on Android Auto. So whether you have a compatible car – or the Android Auto app – you can now have hands-free help while you drive.

For those who have newer models of cars that have a screen, users can plug their device with a USB key to setup the interface of the device to the car screen. One of the best features of the app is that users can use speech to control many of the functions that would otherwise require typing such as making calls, sending texts, or playing music. As an app that is designed to increase road safety by incorporating audio and speech interactions instead of physically using the phone, Android Auto is a tool that is essential for those who want to use their device while driving.

Android Auto
Android Auto
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)

For those who want more details in terms of their vehicles performance, torque is an app that is able to display a range of indicators in real time. For example, some of the metrics that are shown include revs, speed, coolant, vacuum, throttle, and acceleration in a single dashboard that is easy to understand. Beyond simply showing the different performance metrics, the app can perform a series of tests with a single click from an engine test and fuel system tests to ensure that the car is operating as it should.

Torque OBD2 / Car

A short video showing some of the functions of the Torque OBD2 app

As all of these metrics are shown on a single screen without the need for manual interactions, it is one that can be referred to by all users. The only setup that is required from the perspective of users is to plug in an engine control unit which then relays the information back to the app. To get information that is not readily available through the traditional indicators.

Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
Developer: Ian Hawkins
Price: $4.95

Car DVR & GPS navigator

In terms of navigation, many drivers either have built-in GPS systems or have an entirely separate GPS device. However, the Car DVR & GPS brings the navigational aspects of the device to a whole new level by introducing elements of augmented reality. For example, instead of simply being shown the direction users have to go in, mounting the phone will also let users record the road so that it is able to perform like a dashcam. With this dashcam view, the app then displays the path that a user has to take as an overlay over the camera feed. With this, the road that a user has to take is colored and extremely intuitive to understand when compared to traditional maps.

CamOnRoad video tutorial

How to use the CamOnRoad Application (dash cam and augmented reality navigation).

Beyond this, users can select several different augmented reality indicators to appear on the screen as an overlay such as speed cameras, gas stations, and restaurants. With a new approach to navigation that is far more intuitive than regular maps, Car DVR & GPS navigator are essential tools that can be utilized while driving.

CamOnRoad - Car Video Recorder
CamOnRoad - Car Video Recorder
Price: Free+ (Android)

The best scenario for car-based apps would be if the user had minimal interactions with it be touching or looking at it while still being able to do whatever it is that they need to. With this goal, is an app that offers the largest selection of hands-free usage in terms of mobile apps. All that is required from the user is to turn it on to read text, emails, and caller ID so that users do not have to look at their devices or text to reply.

Instead, everything is done through speech so that users can keep their eyes on the road instead of on their device. Furthermore, supports 28 languages so that users of nearly any region can benefit from the tool. As an app that is able to automatically connect to Bluetooth so that vehicles with Bluetooth capabilities can listen to their messages through the speaker, it has effectively read nearly 3 billion messages to prevent driving accidents, making it a highly recommended tool for all drivers.

Announce Who Is Calling

For those who take calls while driving, either for business or professional purposes, Annouce Who is Calling is an app that announces the name of whoever is calling so that drivers can keep their eyes on the road instead of their phone. In having the name read aloud, users can quickly determine whether the call is important enough to take without having to touch their device. As a simple app, calls are often one of the most used functions of a phone while a user is driving and hence Announce Who is Calling is a tool that is highly applicable to reducing road accidents.

Although the apps listed in this article are designed to help users better access their phones while driving, it does not improve driving skills and so the attention of drivers should always be focused on the road. With the apps listed in this article, users are able to utilize various functions on their phone without having to compromise road-safety, an issue that is currently causing the number of accidents to increase.

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