Best apps for Netflix Subscribers

Sep 17, 2011

If you subscribe to Netflix then why it seems tremendously silly to not download these apps and make your movie watching experience exponentially more enjoyable


Now Netflix subscribers don’t have to feel weighed down by the need to be at a computer or tv in order to watch a movie or show. Even though the screen on the Itouch and Iphone doesn’t compare at all to that of an iphone, it’s still a step up from not being able to watch amazing quality movies and shows period and for that alone, I love this App.


PhoneFlicks – Netflix Queue Manager

Now when you hear of a movie that you know you just have to see, instead of writing it down or trying to remember the name, simply whip out this app and add it to your queue.


The Intersect for Netflix

For people like me who enjoy figuring out in what other flicks I’ve seen actors in movies I’m watching or have watched via Netflix, this app does an amazing job for satisfying that desire.


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