Best Apps for Gardening

Feb 4, 2018

Gardening is a peaceful pastime, something that allows you to create something meaningful and real, all while staying in your back garden.

Below are five apps take your gardening experience to the next level.

Garden Plan Pro (iOS)

Garden Plan Pro is the perfect tool for anyone looking to design their garden from the ground up. The app provides you with all of the design tools needed to draw out and easily move all of the different elements within your garden, creating a floor plan style design. Based on where you are in the world the app gives you information on the best times to plant and harvest your crops and even sends you helpful reminders.

Garden Plan Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Garden Plan Pro is the best app for planning your own vegetable, herb or fruit garden on iPad or iPhone. Find out more at From the makers of the award winning Garden Planner at used by over 250,000 people Garden Plan Pro is the easy way to create productive garden plans for any shape or sized garden.

Garden Tags (iOS, Android)

Garden Tags is an online community where people can share their gardens and easily receive gardening advice and tips. Garden tags can be used in a variety of ways, to share gardening ideas with other like-minded people and feel inspired. You can turn to the Garden Tags community when you are having problems with a plant and need some advice. You can share your gardening knowledge with others and help to build the confidence of budding young gardeners. You can also use the app to create your own gardening journal, where you can keep track of your plants and their progress.

Have You Got The Gardening FEAR?

GardenTags is a FREE iPhone and Android app that’s helping thousands of people to turn their fear of gardening into the joy of growing. Get planting inspiration and advice from fellow gardeners. Plus manage your entire plant collection all in one place.

Gardroid (Android)

Gardroid is designed for people who have always wanted to grow their own fruit and vegetables but aren’t quite sure where to get started. Gardroid provides you with all of the information that you need to get started and become a confident gardener. Using the app it is easy to learn when the right times to sow and harvest are and the desired temperature to sow your seeds. Once you’ve got your seeds and are ready to start sowing, the app provides you with detailed information from the right sowing depth to the spacing between each plant. Once your plants start growing you can use the app to take photos and records your plant’s progress. When it comes to harvesting time Gardroid is there for you to talk you through the process and give you the confidence you need.

Garden Manager (iOS, Android)

Garden Manager is exactly what its name implies, it allows you to easily keep track of and manage your garden all from just one app. Features include setting a variety of alarms, so that you never forget to water, or spray pesticides on your plants again. The app also provides a way to log your plants and monitor their progress from sowing the seed, through to harvesting. You can take pictures and write notes, to track their growth and ensure your plants stay healthy. You can even share your plants progress with others through social media.

SmartPlant (iOS, Android)

SmartPlant makes taking care of your plants easy. When you buy a plant you can easily scan the barcode to log the plant in your library, from here you are provided with a wealth of information and monthly care instructions. You can also chat with experts to gain more knowledge about how to care for your plants and improve your garden. One really nice feature about this app is that if you have a pest or unknown growth on your plant you can simply take a photo and the app will identify the problem and provide you with care information.

SmartPlant App – See how life grows

Keeping your plants alive one push notification at a time.

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