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Jun 16, 2018
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As the price of housing continues to soar around the world, especially in major cities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase a home or find a place to live. As a result, many people have resorted to renting apartments for temporary living space as opposed to a more permanent home. With this issue for those without the means to purchase a house or those who are looking for a temporary place to stay, this article discusses the best mobile tools that should be used for those who are looking to find apartments for rent.


One of the most common names in the on-demand rental space is Airbnb which allows users to either rent out their own space for those wishing to stay in the area or for those who wish to rent a space for a certain period of time at a fraction of the costs that are typical of traditional hotels. In being able to rent personal properties for a period of time that can range from a few days to months at a time, users are able to get the best rates that are extremely affordable and can cater to the specific needs of the visitor. Airbnb makes it simple to filter out exactly what users are looking for and even introduces a rating system so that those who are making their space available to others and those who are renting know about the quality of the location and the person who is hosting or visiting. As one of the most popular solutions for those who are looking to rent spaces for any period of time that is significantly cheaper than buying a house or renting a hotel, Airbnb is a must-have app for housing rental.

HomeAway Vacation Rentals

Similar to Airbnb in that the app offers rental properties for those who are looking for both short and long-term places to stay through the use of private properties, HomeAway Vacation Rentals is an app that is more catered to the vacation home niche as opposed to casual stays. For example, when people are looking to rent entire homes for a vacation or a longer duration, HomeAway Vacation Rentals is a preferred app that offers exotic sites to stay at such as castles and tree houses. As there are many similarities between HomeAway Vacation Rentals and Airbnb, there are listings that overlap on both platforms although the former is more targeted towards those who are travelling for vacation and are looking for vacation rental properties as opposed to casual apartments that are offered by individual home owners.

HotelTonight – Hotel Deals (iOS/Android)

For those who are looking for rentals that are more professional as opposed to rentals from other home owners, HotelTonight is able to offer economical options that are still in the hotel category. For example, the app presents the last minute deals that are offered by hotels so that users can get discounted rates for their stay as opposed to paying the full price. Furthermore, the app aggregates all of the data from the different hotels that are available so that users do not have to go and search each individual hotel for deals manually. One of the best aspects of HotelTonight is that users are able to instantly chat with a person with any question that they have regarding a deal or booking right on the apps which enhances the degree of customer service that is offered through the app when compared to other apps in the rental space. With the combination of these features, HotelTonight is a highly recommended tool for those who wish to save on accommodation rentals while still maintaining the quality of a hotel experience.

For those who are looking for apartments and spaces to rent instead of purchasing a home, the apps listed in this article are able to help users find accommodations for both long-and short term duration. From apps that are able to provide available apartments through private properties to others that aggregate deals for hotels around the world, these tools can significantly reduce the cost of housing, especially in major cities where these prices continue to soar.

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