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May 7, 2018

Everyone is talking about the newest Avengers film, Infinity War but the fun doesn’t have to stop with the film as there are a number of amazing Avenger themed apps out that are a must try for any fan. 

Below are five apps that Avenger fans will love:

Marvel Puzzle Quest (iOS, Android)

Marvel Puzzle Quest is Marvel’s newest official match 3 role play game, where you can play as your favorite fearless Marvel characters, including Spider Man, Captain America and Wolverine. Marvel Puzzle Quest is much more than a typical match 3 game allowing you to join forces with friends and use your collective powers to fight other players in epic battles and work your way up the ranks, taking match 3 games to a whole new level. You can also test your skill by taking part in tournaments and season play for a chance to win new characters and other prices.

Marvel Puzzle Quest App Preview Video (Google)

Download Marvel Puzzle Quest for FREE: http://bit.ly/2A7dUuX SUBSCRIBE for Marvel Puzzle Quest Videos! https://www.youtube.com/c/MarvelPuzzleQuestGame?sub_confirmation=1 Marvel’s mightiest heroes take their exploits to the realm of puzzle games when they jump into the world of Puzzle Quest in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Marvel Strike Force (iOS, Android)

Marvel Strike Force is a new RPG where you can create your very own Strike Force with heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe, battling alongside allies and arch-rivals. An assault on Earth has begun and together super villains and super heroes must battle to defend and ultimately safe Earth. Strike Force is a complex game that requires players to consider the effects of every move and ensure that hero and villains work together to perform groundbreaking combos and take down enemies. Strike Force is a visually stunning game with characters that look like they have jumped straight out of a film and into your phone.

MARVEL Strike Force App Preview 2

Uploaded by MARVEL Strike Force on 2018-04-13.

Marvel Avengers Academy (iOS, Android)

Marvel Avengers Academy gives players the chance to play their favorite superheroes and super villains in a never before seen setting, Avengers Academy. Build your very own academy and play as Marvel characters developing their skills and superpowers as they work their way through Avengers Academy and become the world’s next generation of superheroes. Live true campus life as a Marvel student, with characters including The Hulk, Thor and Iron Man. Just like real campus life it is not just grades and attending classes that matter but also managing your soon to be superheroes social life and ensuring that their personal needs are met.

Marvel Contest of Champions (iOS, Android)

Prepare your favorite Marvel characters for the ultimate battle and fight your way to the top with Marvel Contest Champions. Choose from a number of Marvel superheroes, such as Iron Man and Wolverine, train them to become the number one superhero and take part in some of the greatest battles of Marvel history, fighting Marvel villains. Build your team and embark on quests, gaining new items and developing your skill, before taking part in the championships. You can also team up with friends, building alliances and helping each other to stay in the champion fight.

Marvel Future Fight (iOS, Android)

Marvel Future Fight is an exciting action game, a message has been sent from the future, the convergence is destroying the world and you must build your very own team and prepare them to save the world. Assemble your very own team of superheroes and villains, with over 140 characters to choose from, and take part in epic battles in order to save the world from ultimate doom. You ca also team up with friends, working together to overcome challenges and enhance your character’s skills. Marvel Future Fight contains original stories, perfect for anyone seeking super actions beyond the movies.

[MARVEL Future Fight] April Update

Uploaded by Netmarble Global on 2018-04-25.

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