Apps to Help You Meet People

Apr 23, 2018

Online dating apps have grown in popularity over the last few years, almost everyone who is single has a tinder account but there is no reason that apps can’t also be used to make new friends and meet new people with similar interests. There is a whole world of hidden apps designed for just this, making new friends and expanding your social circle.

Below are five apps to kick start your social life:

Meet Me (iOS, Android)

Meet Me makes it easier than ever to meet new friend in your neighbourhood with similar interests, create your profile, add your interests and you’re good to go. You can chat to people using a messenger style service, helping to fit conversations around your already busy life or use the go-live feature to video chat with your new pals. As well as being able to search for people nearby you can also narrow your search down by interest, making it the perfect app for finding a new running buddy or someone to join you at your favourite bands concert.

Kik (iOS)

Kik is an interesting app as it combines a range of different features from across different social media platform, while also providing users with a way of staying in contact with current friend and also making new ones. With Kik all you need is a user name, there’s no connecting through phone number or having to fill out never-ending profile questions. Kik can be used as a regular messenger, creating group chats and allowing you to easily communicate with friends. Kik does not limit you to chatting with people you already know, you can join groups and quickly get to know people from across the world that have similar interests. Using Kik you can also share special moments in the form of photos and videos. Kik is unique in that it provides users with one platform to chat with old friends but also a community to meet new friends.

Nearby (iOS, Android)

Nearby is a very simple, no frills attached app, that gets straight to the point, meeting new people and building valuable friendships. Whether you’re new to a city and looking to make new friends or just want to meet new people with similar interests, Nearby definitely worth giving a try. Nearby stands out from other socializing apps due to its clean design and allowing users to focus on building a meaningful relationship, rather than worrying about having enough points to start a conversation, who building complex profiles.

Nearby Live

A short promo video about Nearby Live!

Skout (iOS, Android)

Skout is an app that provides users with the tools to easily meet new people from around the world and make new friends. As Skout connects you with people around the world, it can be an awesome way of meeting people in countries you plan on traveling to or even as a way of boosting your confidence while learning a new language. With broadcasting it is easy to put yourself out there and meet new people, by streaming and letting people approach you. If you’re not quite feeling confident enough to broadcast yourself you can check out others broadcasts and interact with them. Once you’ve made new friends you can easily chat with them either through the inbuilt messenger service or through live video chats. Skout is great for anyone looking to meet new people and maybe even learn a new language along the way.

SKOUT for Android and iOS

Meet new people, make new friends, expand your social circle! With SKOUT, you can connect with people nearby or around the globe.

Chat Rooms (Android)

Chat Rooms does exactly what it says in the title it connects people through a range of chat rooms, what makes Chat Rooms stand out over similar apps is the fun and kooky interface. Rather than scrolling through lists of potential friends, you move your aviator around and chat with people along the way, recreating a more realistic way of interacting with people. Unlike the real world where not everyone you meet has the same interests as you Chat Rooms tailors your experience so that you only meet those who have similar interests and therefore are more likely to make long meaningful friendships. In keeping with the apps colourful and happy vibe you can communicate with people using the apps very on emojis, for those times when words can’t quite portray your message.

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