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Nov 19, 2017
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Instagram is one of the most popular social networking tools that exist which continues to grow. With the ability to share photos as well as look at the ones that have been uploaded by others, it is an extremely simple app that is solely based on image sharing. Being one of the most popular social media apps, many people have even have built careers out of this site through modelling, lifestyle, and product promotions. With this comes many people who are looking for ways to grow their followings quickly and so this article discusses the best apps that can be utilized for increasing the number of engaged followers for any profile.

Follower Insight for Instagram (Android/iOS)

In order to maximize the number of followers that a user has, it is important to use analytical tools to understand the performance of posts and demographics of followers. For this reason, Follower Insight for Instagram, available on the Google Play Store, is one of the best analytics tools which can be utilized to maximize the number of followers that a user has. With information that includes the number of followers that have been gained, the number that has been lost, and the number of people who have blocked the account, users can get a simple overview of their account performance. Furthermore, the app shows the number of active users vs. inactive users as well as the posts that are performing the best compared to others. Through having this level of detail available, owners of the accounts are able to see what their viewers want to see and what they don’t in order to optimize their posts and photos. As a tool that helps user better understand their followers, Follower Insight for Instagram is one of the best tools that can be used to ensure the greatest organic growth rate for Instagram followers.

Get Instant Likes (Android)

In terms of paid promotion to increase the number of followers that a user has, Instagram users can pay to have this figure increased. Although this may seem counterintuitive as very little monetary value can be derived from having more followers, this can be extremely beneficial to businesses or product-based pages that can earn off of having a higher following base. For example, if a user were trying to sell a product that has a high conversion rate on Instagram, it may be worthwhile to download Get Instant Likes as this can actually increase the number of sales that the page receives. Although followers can be purchased from several different sources online, the Get Instant Likes app is one that offers highly competitive rates as well as engaged followers so that they are not simply dead and spammed accounts. This is in contrast to other pay-for-followers services that provide disengaged followers that simply increase the number without any further actions. For this reason, Get Instant Likes is a tool that provides highly engaged followers for better conversions and interactions.

Plann + Preview for Instagram (iOS/Android)

One of the best planners and data analytical tools for Instagram is Plann+ Preview which makes the difficult task of managing an Instagram account easy and intuitive. Through the different tools that are offered through the app, users can manage their posts as well as simultaneously increase their number of followers. For example, users can drag and drop their posts so that the images are in a certain order as opposed to the default order that is provided by Instagram. Furthermore, a high degree of analytic details can be captured through the apps to find the best colors, hashtags, and time of posts so that there is a higher conversion rate from the people who view the content to becoming followers.  Through combing all of these features into a single, easy-to-use app, Plann + Preview is a comprehensive tool that can be leveraged to increase the effectiveness of Instagram posts. One of the best features of the app is that users can schedule posts on to their Instagram so that if they wish to have consistent posts, they are able to plan well in advance without having to do it every day. Athough followers cannot be purchased through the app, the increase in followers that is achieved is regarded as higher quality as they are often organic as opposed to being incentivized to follow, making Plann + Preview a highly recommended app in the space.

As Instagram and its user base continues to grow, so do the different tools and strategies that are designed to increase the number of followers.  Although some strategies are simple such as purchasing the followers, many pros and cons exist in doing so. For this reason, this article discusses some of the best tools that can be implemented for increasing the number of followers that an Instagram page has. Whether through better analytics or incentivizing others to become followers, these apps can help any Instagram page increase the number of fans for business and personal purposes.

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