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Nov 21, 2017

As Black Friday is around the corner and is often regarded as a big shopping day for many Americans and others around the world, items that are financially out of reach will be on sale and affordable for many. While shoppers try traditional methods of getting what they want by waiting in long lines and engaging in grab-and-run strategies, the tools that are listed in this article can help to enhance the shopping experience through budgeting, planning, and even enable remotely shopping during the sale. With the apps that are discussed, users can ensure that Black Friday purchases are done most efficiently and at the best price.

Barcode Scanner For Amazon Shopping (Android)

Although the sales that are available at most stores on Black Friday are extremely enticing, Amazon is recognized as one of the most cost-effective marketplaces for any product. For this reason, Barcode Scanner For Amazon Shopping is a highly recommended app, especially during Black Friday when a lot of shopping is done. Through the app, users simply take a picture of the barcode of the item that they are looking to purchase at which point the app returns similar search results on Amazon. In doing so, users can see what price is currently available online simply through an image of the barcode to make more informed purchasing decisions. Beyond getting the best possible price for nearly every item, users of Barcode Scanner For Amazon Shopping can see the reviews that others have left regarding the product so that they can gauge its quality and value before purchasing it. As an app that can save shoppers a significant amount of money on Black Friday, Barcode Scanner For Amazon Shopping is a tool that should be utilized prior to making any purchase.

Dealnews (iOS/Android)

As an app that aggregates deals and discounts from nearly every store, Dealnews is a tool that is essential during the Black Friday chaos. Instead of browsing the stores to find sales on the day of, the app shows the deals that will be present on Black Friday on a daily basis so that shoppers can prepare well in advance before in order to organize and plan their shopping. For example, in searching for TVs, a popular item that is bought on Black Friday, users can find which stores are offering the television of their choice and at what price so they know exactly what to expect and where it will be available. In aggregating all of the stores sale items in a centralized location, items can be searched for at several different stores at once instead of having to look for the item at each separate store site, making it extremely efficient, especially if the list of items to buy is lengthy. As a way to ensure that the shopping is done efficiently and at the best price, Dealnews should be utilized during the week of Black Friday.

Ebates – Shop Deals & Save Money with Cash Back (iOS/Android)

For those who are looking to save money or earn cash back rewards while they are shopping, Ebates is a well-known tool that can be utilized to identify and accumulate savings.  Similar to Dealnews in that users are able to get savings and discounts from various sources, the app takes financial gain to a new level by introducing the ability to collect rewards such as cashback which means that users will be given money simply for shopping at various stores or purchasing certain items. As this covers both in-store and online marketplaces, users will be able to save and even earn money if certain purchases are made. With alerts that notify the user when a particular item of interest is on sale, Ebates is an app that is able help those who make a large number of purchases earn rewards and money.

Get Cash Back with the Ebates App!

See how easy it is to get Cash Back when you shop at your favorite stores with the Ebates app. Available on Android and iOS.

Amazon (iOS/Android)

Although Barcode Scanner for Amazon Shopping is an app that is able to assist shoppers in finding the best prices while they are in stores, nothing beats going straight to the source. As a way to entirely avoid the hassle and stress associated with shopping in crowded areas where people are often fighting for limited quantities of various items, Amazon lets users shop from the comfort of their home straight from their mobile device. Through the app, Amazon lets buyers choose goods and have it shipped wherever they like and at the best possible price while also being able to find related products, similar items, and read the reviews of others to determine the quality of the product. With nearly every good available through the platform, users can get most of their Black Friday shopping done on Amazon without ever having to leave their house, an unprecedented luxury for thousands who plan to participate in the chaotic nature of Black Friday shopping.

To take advantage of the sales that will be available during Black Friday, the apps listed in this article are able to significantly increase the efficiency at which shopping can be done or reduce the amount of money that is spent. As thousands of shoppers will be unprepared and overspend in the excitement of the sale, utilizing these apps either during or before the sale occurs will save users from unnecessary stress and hassle. From shopping online to finding cheaper items, these tools are highly recommended for the best possible shopping experience at the lowest cost.

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