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Dec 21, 2012
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There isn’t exactly a shortage of language translation apps on the App Store, but that doesn’t mean we should just ignore any newcomers. It means that those newcomers have to do something special to really stand out from the crowd, and this Voice Translator app from Linguatec does just that, with some great new features.

Initially the app will feel very familiar, with two buttons laid out allowing you to speak and record in two different languages at a time. The interface is well thought out and easy to use, and it’s no hassle to switch between the app’s 66 possible languages. 33 of those languages offer voice support, while the other half makes use of a keyboard input, I should point out. So far so good, but what’s the big deal here?

Take a look and see.

Direct iDevice to iDevice translation chatting

You can actually talk directly to other people’s iPhones using the very unique Bluetooth chat support. At first it might be hard to find others with the same app, but just imagine the possibilities of being able to easily talk to anyone while on a business trip even if they don’t speak your language. This app was already great for vacations and whatnot, but this sweet feature puts it right over the edge. Keep in mind that you absolutely must have a stable and ideally fast internet connection while using such features.

Translating languages has never been so fun!

The app also makes it easier than ever to get accurate translations. As always with this technology, there is a wide margin for error, but Linguatec has provided you with plenty of helpful tips to keep things accurate. You can even dictate punctuation to really make a difference, which is something else you don’t really see. You can star and favorite your most often used phrases in other languages as well for quick reference, letting you save them offline for times when no internet connection is available.

At the end of the day, this app isn’t just innovative and practical, but it’s also fun. Heck, it puts the ‘fun’ right in functional, and it can be a blast to just mess around with this app while with friends and family.Find out why that is for yourself and download the Voice Translator Linguatec app now!

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