Appolicious Video Showcase: Flip the Cats

Feb 21, 2013

If there is one thing on this planet that people will never get sick of, that thing is probably cats. If you also happen to like new takes on classic board games that you don’t really see much of anymore, Flip the Cats from Kwalee is the absolute perfect game for you, featuring deep, turn-based strategy gameplay, plus all the brightly colored cats you can stomach.

With Flip the Cats, you can have a battle of wits against hundreds of other players via push notification turn taking, though you might get a weird look or two when your pocket starts meowing in the elevator. Its core rules are very similar to the classic game Othello, or Reversi as it’s more commonly known. Starting with 2 pieces each on a eight by eight grid, your goal is to flip enemy kitties by placing your token opposite theirs and another of your own, forming lines vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

A surprisingly deep and strategy filled set of rules

You can only place a token of your own if at least one enemy token will flip. However, you can also flip an entire line of enemy tokens for some big moves. There is a lot of strategy to be found, such as in playing more minimalist until the board starts to fill up, thus leaving yourself more options, or trying to out-think your way into a corner spot, which can’t possibly be turned. Once there are no more moves left, the cats are tallied and the player with the most on board wins.

Awesome bonus modes available for purchase

If you want a little help with the game, you can purchase the Cats Eyes Unlock, which lets you see potential enemy moves after your own, giving you a bit more insight into the next few moves. Or, you can unlock Pro Board Mode, featuring differently colored cats and absolutely no help at all from the computer. There are plenty of points to earn and badges to achieve too. As always with this type of game, waiting for your opponent to move can be a hassle, so luckily, you can have as many opponents as you want.

Considering it’s totally free, there’s no reason not to check out Flip the Cats right now. It is a very rewarding strategy game, and a totally adorable one at that!

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