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Jun 7, 2019

Whether you’re cars broken-down in the middle of nowhere or you need to administer first aid don’t worry because your phone has you covered with apps designed to take the panic out of an emergency situation.

Whether you’re cars broken-down in the middle of nowhere, or you need to administer first aid, don’t panic! Your phone has you covered with apps designed to take the worry out of an emergency situation.

Below are five apps that can save you in an emergency:


Trip Whistle Global SOS (iOS)

When travelling to different countries it can be difficult to keep track of the emergency procedures and the numbers that you should call for help, Trip Whistle Global SOS has all of this information for you within just one handy app so that you can travel with confidence. Just select the country you are in and all of the information that you need to get help is provided, including the numbers that you should call as well as your address and coordinates so that emergency services know where to find you. You can also choose to have your current address displayed as your caller ID saving valuable time in an emergency.

International SOS Assistance (iOS, Android)

International SOS Assistance is a must have app when traveling abroad especially if you’re planning an adventure filled holiday. SOS offers 24/7 call assistance with 26 centers around the world so that you know that there will always be someone there to help you in an emergency regardless of the time of day. You can also access medical and travel information guides to make you feel at ease when you find yourself wandering out of the tourist areas and into the unknown. You will also receive alerts on events in your local area, including hurricane and storm risks do that you can prepare ahead of time. The app works in offline mode so that help is always at hand even when the phone signal is not.

Bike Repair (iOS, Android)

Planning an adventure with your bike then Bike Repair is definitely an app worth checking out so that you never again find yourself stranded with a bike that you don’t know how to repair. Within the repair section, you will find 58 detailed photo repair guides that will guide you every step of the way and get you back on the road. Bike Repair also features a clothing guide, using the weather and surroundings of your planned journey to advise you on the best clothing for your ride. You can also store all of your bike’s information within the app, including all of its parts and keep a history of its maintenance and set reminders for when routine checks need to be carried out.

St John Ambulance First Aid (iOS, Android)

The St John Ambulance First Aid app is a must-have for anyone planning on venturing off the beaten track and isn’t confident when it comes to basic first aid. While Google is great and will hold your hand through most situations it requires the internet and this is where St John’s app shines because it has all the information you need to deal with a first aid emergency in one place and works offline, it also saves valuable time as you don’t have to scroll through numerous sites before finding advice that actually works. The app guides you through all the different first aid situations that could arise including CPR, broken bones, burns, drowning and many more with step by step guides and videos so that you have the confidence to administer help that could result in saving someone’s life.

First Aid by British Red Cross (iOS, Android)

If you’re in the UK, the British Red Cross is another lifesaving app, literally, with step by step guides to help you get through a medical emergency and ensure that you are providing the correct treatment. Each guide includes text and image steps as well as videos and depending on the injury timers, for example in the burns section a 10 minute timer is provided under the holding your burn under cold water steps, this is an awesome feature as it saves you time having to open up your phone’s timer and allows you to deal with the medical emergency. Links to emergency contact numbers are also provided when steps include calling for help again saving valuable time as you don’t have to open up the phone app. As well as being there for you in an emergency the British Red Cross app also has built-in teaching tools to help you brush up on your first aid skills, with tests at the end so you can head out on an adventure feeling truly prepared for an emergency that could arise.


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