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Jan 27, 2018

As the mobile camera is continuously improved upon coupled with apps that are able to provide a range of functions beyond taking simple photos, both amateur and professional photographers are able to use their device without having to purchase expensive, dedicated cameras. Given that the software aspect of photography is saturated with thousands of apps, a new method of improving picture quality and range has been physical accessories that can take the art of photography to a new level. As a result, this article discusses the best accessories that can be coupled with the device to help photographers make the most of their mobile cameras.

DJI Osmo Mobile Self-Stabilization Smartphone Gimbal

As phones are often used while on-the-go, so are the photos that are taken which can result in photographers having to sacrifice stability. From unsteady hands to the conditions of the environment, the Osmo Self-Stabilization Gimbal is a tool that can significantly reduce the degree of shakiness. Although more expensive compared to other tools that enhance stability, the stabilization gimbal is designed to capture the perfect shot without any additional input from the user. With a handle that is easy to grab instead of the side of the phone, users can capture more cinematic shots using a single hand. What makes the Osmo gimbal unique is that all of the buttons that are needed to operate the phone to capture images and videos are found right at the top of the handle which is accessible with the thumb. With this, users can capture all of their shots without ever having to take it off the gimbal, ensuring a high level of stability that cannot be replicated by free hand shots.

DJI – Osmo Mobile 2 – Moments in Hand

Every aspect of designing the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 was for one goal: to let people share their story. A more lightweight construction allows comfortable use over long periods of time. A built-in battery can run for up to 15 hours and even charge mobile devices.

10X Zoom Mobile Phone Camera Lens Telephoto Telescope

For those who are seeking a tool that can help extend the range at which the device can capture images, the 10X zoom lens is a perfect accessory for amateur and professional photographers alike. To transform the regular camera into one that is able to capture distances that are comparable to professional cameras, the 10X zoom lens is small and lightweight so that it is easy to carry around. Giving users the ability to see objects that are otherwise hidden as a result of distance, the lens offers an unparalleled level of versatility with the images that can be taken. Furthermore, the 10X zoom uses a clip-on approach for attaching to the actual camera so that there are no hardware adjustments that have to be made while being compatible with all mobile devices. As the nature of the zoom is limited on the default camera, the 10X zoom lens is an accessory that is highly recommended to enhance long-distance photography.

APEXEL 7 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

For a multitude of different lenses, the APEXEL kit is one of the most comprehensive tools that are available on the market. With 7 different lenses packed into a convenient box, users are able to transform their camera in a matter of seconds to capture the best shots in any environment. For example, the lenses in the kit include ones for a fisheye effect, kaleidoscope, wide angles, macro, telescope, super wide, CPL lens, as well as other accessories including a clip and bag. With all of these different lenses that are extremely small, users are able to carry them anywhere without the traditional bulk that is common with regular camera lenses. One of the best features of the APEXEL kit is that all of the lenses are designed to attach to the clip that simply connects to the phone. With this degree of easy, swapping out the various lenses is extremely easy and quick. At only $18 for the complete set, the cost per lens is only slightly $2, making it one of the most affordable accessories that can be purchased for greater image versatility.

Mobile phone camera fill light

For those who regularly take images in darker environments, the camera fill light is a must-have tool that can significantly increase the brightness of the photo without needing to drain the battery of the device from the flash. Through the camera fill light, an independent battery is used so that users do not have to use the flash either from the camera or screen. Furthermore, taking a picture in the dark can be difficult to see before the flash is on and hence the fill light can be used to see how the image would look like even before it is even taken. As a swivel is used to attach it to the phone, the fill can be used for both the front and rear-facing camera so that all of the images that are taken in dark environments can be brightened. With 16 cameras and 3 different light modes, the camera fill light is a great tool for enhancing images that are taken in darker environments.

Tripod Bluetooth with Remote Control

In terms of being able to take images and videos in a stationary setting, tripods are often used to hold the camera at the perfect angle and height. In the realm of mobile photography, the Tripod Bluetooth is an inexpensive model that can be used to enhance stationary shots. With a holder than can be adjusted to the size of various phones, both iOS and Android users are able to use the holder with very few limitations in terms of physical compatibility. One of the best features of the tripod is that it also comes with a remote that can activate and turn off the camera to either take a picture or record a video. With the range that can be accessed through the remote, users can take images that would otherwise not be possible without the controller. Given the inexpensive price of both the tripod and remote, the Tripod Bluetooth is an essential accessory for mobile photographers who need to use a tripod

ONN Bluetooth Selfie Stick

For those who regularly take selfies, a selfie stick is essential for the best shots and angles. With an extender that has an attached button on the handle, users can easily take images of themselves from a variety of distances in a way that is extremely easy. Using a variable length stick, having to extend the arm or cram people together to take the perfect photo is unnecessary as the stick is able to capture images from all distances and angles. Highly versatile in nature, the ONN Bluetooth Selfie Stick can fit nearly all phones while the mount does not use any batteries but instead can be charged with a Micro USB cable so that users do not have to carry around replacement batteries. Extending from 1 inch to 10 inches, the ONN selfie stick is one of the best versions available for those who take selfies or group photos.

Given that photography through mobile phones continues to grow as a result of better camera technology and apps, the accessories that are listed in this article are essential for those who want to increase the quality of their image as well as the versatility of their camera. From tools that help to stabilize images to others that enable for unprecedented range, a larger number of accessories have been made available as a result of the popularity in using the phone as a serious photography tool.

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