A Year of Big Updates for Appolicious

Apr 17, 2018

Given the growing importance of a true mobile experience, many companies are starting to embrace the phone as a platform for delivering messages, products, and websites. As a result, there has been explosive growth in the mobile space from organizations extending their sites to encompass more mobile behaviors for the demographic who prefer browsing on their phones. In the spirit of a more robust and agile experience when browsing the latest news, products, and apps in the realm of all things mobile, Appolicious has recently made tremendous developments in optimizing its interface, particularly for mobile readers.

Although not quite a native app or a mobile website, Appolicious embodies the best of both worlds through embracing the progressive web app. While these are similar in nature, there are tremendous differences among them that have been incorporated into the site in order to maximize usability. For example, the progressive web app allows for native app functionality as if the site were an app but in the web browser as discussed in the next paragraph. With this, the content is always in real-time and so no download or updates need to be made to the site in order to refresh it as with traditional apps. Ultimately, the use of a progressive web app by Appolicious gives access to all of the useful functionality and experiences of a dedicated app but in the mobile browser instead of being forced to download a dedicated app. Beyond deviating from a traditional native app and mobile website, one of the best features of the latest update to the site is that readers have the option of downloading the website right to the home screen as if it were a mobile app and then access it offline. Through this feature, all of the articles are made accessible to the reader no matter where they are and even if there is no internet connection, embodying the notion of a true mobile experience.

Adopting app-like behavior, the browsing interface is substantially more intuitive as a scroll-based navigation mechanism is used in order to invoke more efficient reading. With a mobile-first approach, all aspects of the site are more accessible through tabs which break down the individual categories for different content such as games, apps, tutorials, and even videos. Furthermore, other administrative aspects of Appolicious are made more transparent and easier to access to include various sections for Notifications, About Us, and Contact pages.  With the layout of the site embracing a more minimalistic approach that maximizes the implementation of images as a visually appealing mechanism for browsing, readers are only given the important information of the articles in the home page for the best viewing experience. Furthermore, upon opening each link, a news-like feel is given for each article which enhances the readability of the text, even for those that are lengthier.

Given that an increasing number of organizations and companies are updating their websites to meet the demand for a mobile experience, Appolicious has proactively listened to its readers and made significant strides using a mobile-first approach to the new layout of the website. With benefits such as a more intuitive layout that offers more attention to images and simple navigation, the gains of this update can be realized by both the site and readers. For example, browsing for various content on the site will be significantly easier. As a site that keeps readers updated regarding the latest news and events in the mobile sector, it is fitting that there is a greater emphasis on the mobile-optimized version so that readers have the best possible reading experience beyond the desktop layout of the traditional site.

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