10 Apps for Checking In to Just About Anything

Jul 12, 2016

It’s more than just a hotel phenomenon – checking in lets just about anyone share their favorite places, music, brands and more with any part of their social world they wish. Dive on in and check in to something without double queen beds for a change!

Event Checking In and Guest Management

Paperless Event Checking In (Free)

The name tells everything, there is no need to print lists of names and data and spending lot of time by finding the correct row. You can upload a csv file with names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. to the app. The fully functional version up to 200 guests costs $4.99, the subscription will be required when data are uploaded. The app supports QR code and barcode (if you have a bluetooth barcode reader) besides text search which makes checking in very fast. Moreover, data are stored on your device so available even when you are offline. The app also supports checking out.

Check In Easy

It is very similar to the previous app both in functionality and the target audience. There are some nice special features in the app, like asking custom questions during the checking-in or sending automatic sms notifications.


glistrr (Free)

Another great event management checking in app. It is highly professional and optimized for night clubs. From selling tickets to sms notifications it covers everything. The integration of social media (Facebook, Twitter) in the app is an additional effective marketing tool for the events.

Check-In App (Free)

Developed by Church Community, this app is optimized for checking in of regular attenders of an event. The app strength is the beautiful, clean design.

Patient Check In

drchrono Patient Check-In (Free)

Making patient check-in more efficient is a win-win situations for doctors and patients. This highly professional app was designed for the medical sector and highly recommended for healthcare providers. It is highly customizable, patients can fill their own data while waiting using forms that are synchronized safely with the drchrono electronic health record.

Social Networking Checking In

Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit (Free)

The granddaddy of them all and a must-download for you. Since they’ve been around for the longest and have a strong user base, they also have the most specials at local businesses waiting for you while you’re out and about.

Yelp (Free)

While Yelp is the home for great recommendations and discovering new places, it’s also a check-in app. Check in enough and you can become the Duke!

Children’s Check

Checking In TochID Check (Free)

There are times when close monitoring of kids’ activity becomes necessary. The app will verify if your kids are with their phone and will send secure and discrete notifications when your kids are checking in. Also, you can get info from their current location and the battery status of their mobile.

KidCheck (Free)

The app is optimized to manage checking in to churches, activity centers, etc. with a focus on security, namely identifying adults who has rights to take the children home.

Ok, that was not 10 but 9 checking-in apps, sorry! It is really not our fault but couple of checking-in apps disappeared from iTunes recently. Maybe because people checking-in less than you’d think.

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