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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Sidecar Ride update, Sherlock: The Network, Dungeon Hunter 4 update

by Phil Hornshaw

Catch a ride wherever you need to go with Sidecar Ride, our first app worth downloading for the day. The ride-sharing app lets users find ways to get where they're going thanks to the help of other riders, and Sidecar streamlines processes like booking drivers and paying for rides. “Sherlock” fans are going to want to check out Sherlock: The Network, a mix of the show and a mystery game that's filled with clues, puzzles and games that all let players work toward solving 10 fresh “Sherlock” cases. Finally, a big update to Gameloft's action-role-playing game Dungeon Hunter 4 brings a new “hardcore” mode to bring up the difficulty for seasoned monster-slayers.

Sidecar Ride update (Free)

Sidecar RideWhat’s it about? Ride-sharing app Sidecar Ride matches up users who can give rides with users who need them, providing background-checked drivers and an in-app transaction to pay for rides.

What’s cool? Sidecar's aim is to make getting rides easier than calling a cab or hassling a friend. The app pairs users who need rides with drivers who can give them, all of whom have had their backgrounds checked to make them eligible. Sidecar Ride charges its riding users for the trip, handling the transaction in-app so you'll know exactly what a ride will cost, and removing the need to deal with cash. You can also track Sidecar drivers on a map as they approach you and share the details of your ride, as well as driver feedback, with others. Sidecar Ride's new update brings a new iOS 7-optimized design and features like the ability to see driver profiles and choose drivers, book rides faster, and more.

Who’s it for? If you could use a quick and easy way to get rides to wherever you need to go, check out Sidecar Rides.

What’s it like? For other ride and taxi services, check out Taxi Magic and Uber.

Sherlock: The Network ($4.99)

Sherlock: The NetworkWhat’s it about? Based on the hit BBC TV show, Sherlock: The Network tasks players with helping solve a mystery using their iOS devices by gathering clues and solving puzzles.

What’s cool? Sherlock: The Network is a mix of the Benedict Cumberbatch TV show that's seeing tons of popularity and acclaim, and a mystery game. Players assist the intrepid Holmes by finding their way through the streets of London, discovering clues to various mysteries and unlocking new content by solving puzzles and completing games. The Network includes 10 cases not seen in the show, and also features the cast of the series to make it feel even more authentic. You'll also see how your powers of deduction stack up against other players from around the world, thanks to The Network's online leaderboards.

Who’s it for? Fans of “Sherlock” on TV will want to grab this mystery-filled game based on the series.

What’s it like? Find more great mystery and puzzle gameplay in The Room.

Dungeon Hunter 4 update (Free)

Dungeon Hunter 4What’s it about? Hack and slash your way through dungeons filled with treasure and loot in Dungeon Hunter 4, the latest entry into Gameloft's action-role-playing game franchise.

What’s cool? Players have put tons of hours into the Dungeon Hunter franchise by now, and with Dungeon Hunter 4's latest update, they'll likely want to put in some more. Mimicking great ARPGs like the Diablo series, Dungeon Hunter puts players in the role of a hero from one of four classes, and lets them tear through dungeons, towns and wilderness, fighting huge monsters and gathering more powerful equipment and loot along the way. Dungeon Hunter 4 includes a multiplayer co-op mode so players can take on dungeons with their friends, and the update brings a new “hardcore” mode that ratchets up the difficulty even more. Other improvements, like an increased level cap that lets player advance their characters further, and new Hardcore multiplayer leaderboards, will give players plenty more demons to slay.

Who’s it for? Players who like ARPGs such as Diablo 3 should check out Dungeon Hunter 4's offerings.

What’s it like? You might also want to grab Dungeon Hunter 3 if the series impresses, as well as other ARPGs such as ORC: Vengeance.