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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Kindr, The Cave, Gunner Z

by Phil Hornshaw

Use social networking to share some good vibes with today's first app worth downloading. It's called Kindr, and it encourages users to share “good” news stories and send one another compliments. On the gaming front comes The Cave, a dark platforming-adventure game hybrid with a humorous twist, and Gunner Z, a shooter in which players take on a horde of the undead in an armored truck.

Kindr (Free)

KindrWhat’s it about? Kindr is a social networking app that encourages people to make each others' days better by spreading compliments.

What’s cool? Focused on good news and nice feelings, Kindr is an app that encourages users to send one another compliments by providing different prompts each day. When you fire up the app, you'll be posed a question – pick the person in your social circles who best fits the description, and Kindr sends them a compliment from you about whatever the question covered. Kindr also provides news stories that are focused on good news to brighten your mood and bring attention to positive things going on in the world, which you can also share with others.

Who’s it for? If you could use a more positive outlook to go with your social networking, try Kindr.

What’s it like? Connect with more users with the other big social networks, Twitter and Facebook.


The Cave ($4.99)

The CaveWhat’s it about? Control a group of characters in The Cave, a point-and-click adventure-style game in which players work through a side-scrolling world and a number of puzzles.

What’s cool? From the mind of Ron Gilbert, one of the creators behind the classic adventure title Secret of Monkey Island, comes The Cave, a hybrid point-and-click adventure/platforming game. You control three different characters, which you pick from a group of several, to take into the mythical cave in search of an incredible treasure. But along the way, you'll work through puzzles and hear the strange, twisted backstories of the characters, all of which are dark and mysterious. Switching between the multiple characters is also key to solving different puzzles as you go, and you'll get to experience a lot of off-the-wall, humorous stories surrounding the game's seven characters.

Who’s it for? If you like adventure titles and games with a wry sense of humor, The Cave is for you.

What’s it like? You'll also want to grab The Secret of Monkey Island for more great puzzles and humor.

Gunner Z (Free)

Gunner ZWhat’s it about? Mow down zombies and save survivors in a besieged city in Gunner Z, which puts you in an armored assault truck for the task.

What’s cool? Sure, by now you've probably killed a whole lot of zombies as an iOS gamer, but Gunner Z stands out from the usual fare in a few key ways. For one, it's a shooter with a vehicle component – you're using an armored assault truck to fight the army of undead scattered around the game's destroyed city. For another, Gunner Z makes use of a fairly unique night vision mechanic to set itself apart graphically, and you'll fight more than just zombies as you work through the game's campaign. Successful missions let you customize your vehicle to help you fight through more than 30 missions, and you can also amp up some competition with “friend challenges” or share replays of your action online.

Who’s it for? Zombie hunters will want to take a look at Gunner Z's take on the crowded genre.

What’s it like? You'll get a similar aesthetic from Zombie Gunship, and another fairly unique take on zombie titles in Into the Dead.