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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Stitch, Sword & Glory, Pinball Rocks HD

by Phil Hornshaw

Skip the gift card or e-card next time you want to send your thoughts and try Stitch, today's first app worth downloading. It lets you add music, images and your own text to your messages, as well as effects that can add motion. In the games department, we've got the role-playing title Sword & Glory, which is all about fighting guys with swords and being remembered through the ages, and Pinball Rocks HD, a pinball title that features tons of great rock songs.

Stitch (Free)

StitchWhat’s it about? Send messages exactly they way you want to with Stitch, an app that lets you add sound, text, photos and even motion to your sentiments.

What’s cool? Calling Stitch an e-card app would simplify what it does, because while at a basic level it looks like what you're creating with the app is an e-card – it has text and a photo and is designed to send a message – it's more complex and involved than that. Stitch lets you add effects to create motion with your messages, all its text is fully customizeable, and you can even add your own music to create something of an e-card slideshow. When you're, done you can send the card via email, text, and through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well.

Who’s it for? If you're looking for a better way to send a card for whatever occasion, try Stitch.

What’s it like? Grab American Greetings eCards and justWink Cards for more options for sending your sentiments.

Sword & Glory (Free)

Sword & GloryWhat’s it about? Gain glory through the generations and build up your clan and your name in role-playing title Sword & Glory.

What’s cool? Set in a time before civilization as we know it today, Sword & Glory is all about the two things mentioned in its title. As a member of a clan (or not), your only goal is to determine what kind of person you'll be and what you'll eventually die for. The goal is to help yourself be remembered among other people, and you'll be able to pass down what you learn and what you achieve to the next generation as you advance to become even more famous and glorified. Sword & Glory includes duels that you'll fight against other characters, in which you'll have to determine how to attack to best break defenses while protecting yourself with your shield. You'll also spend a lot of time in conversations as you wander the world and get yourself into adventures.

Who’s it for? RPG fans, Sword & Glory keeps things simple but offers a lot of depth.

What’s it like? Try the recently released Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for another great RPG with lots of choices.

Pinball Rocks HD (Free)

Pinball Rocks HDWhat’s it about? Sony's take on Pinball focuses on some of the loudest and most often rock bands ever, featuring their music.

What’s cool? Though there are a number of Pinball Rocks versions that are specific to particular bands such as AC/DC or Slayer, Pinball Rocks a broader (and free) approach. The game features songs from a number of rock bands and features some 20 missions for players to work through, plus three additional bonus games. As for the pinball portion, you'll be able to play Pinball Rocks in either landscape or portrait modes, and the game features multiple camera angles, allowing you to get the best, most comfortable view of the action for you.

Who’s it for? Fans of pinball and rock should check out Pinball Rocks, as it's a great introduction to the other paid titles in the series.

What’s it like? Try Sony's other Pinball Rocks titles, AC/DC Pinball Rocks and Slayer Pinball Rocks.

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