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New iPhone apps worth downloading: FCB Fitness, The Other Brothers, Eyes - the horror game

by Phil Hornshaw

Start the week by attacking your fitness goals with the help of FCB Fitness, an app for those who want workout instruction from the FC Barcelona soccer team. After your workout, treat yourself to a couple of solid new games: The Other Brothers, a riff on the classic Super Mario Bros., and Eyes – the horror game, a first-person horror adventure that has players taking on the role of a burglar trapped in a haunted house.

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FCB Fitness (Free)

FCB FitnessWhat’s it about? Get in shape by following the fitness regimen of the FC Barcelona soccer team.

What’s cool? FCB Fitness pairs you with the digital version of one of the FC Barcelona and helps you to reach your fitness goals by acting as a personal trainer. Users input their goals and pick a player, and FCB Fitness provides workouts and tracking to help you reach them. The app includes weekly challenges created by expert trainers and makes it possible to compete with friends and other members of the FCB community, in order to help you push yourself and continue to get in shape or meet other goals. You can also share your progress through the app. Just keep in mind that iPhone 4 and 4S users have been having trouble with the app, although we experienced no issues using the latest iOS software on the iPhone 5.

Who’s it for? If you're a fan of FC Barcelona and also looking to get in shape (or if you're just looking for a solid community to help you reach your fitness goals), check out FCB Fitness.

What’s it like? You can find additional support (and competition) in Fitocracy and Gym Hero.

The Other Brothers ($0.99)

The Other BrothersWhat’s it about? Platformer The Other Brothers riffs on the gaming classic Super Mario Bros., using great retro graphics to put players into a world filled with mechanics and mobsters.

What’s cool? The Other Brothers is almost like an alternate universe take on Mario Bros., in a way. Players have to run through junkyards, sewers and cities while battling angry mobsters along the way. Its side-scrolling levels are also filled with a number of items that can be sought out to increase your score, and earning three stars in each level unlocks things like additional characters for you to play with. Best of all, The Other Brothers does a pretty solid job of nailing tight platformer controls with virtual buttons, which is often difficult for iOS games of this genre to achieve.

Who’s it for? Fans of platforming classics such as Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog will be right at home here.

What’s it like? Grab League of Evil for another retro-styled game with phenomenal controls, as well as the classic Sonic the Hedgehog for more old-school platforming.

Eyes – the horror game ($0.99)

EyesWhat’s it about? Survival-horror title Eyes sends players into an abandoned haunted house they need to loot as quickly as possible.

What’s cool? The idea is simple: you enter a strange house with the intention of robbing it, moving through rooms from a first-person perspective and grabbing everything you can. The trouble is, the house is dark and apparently haunted in Eyes – the horror game. The challenge is to find keys to locked doors and gather all the loot you need before escaping again, but lots of strange, spooky things stand in your way. Eyes is pretty simple, with not a lot of mechanics, but it manages to be oppressive and spooky in the way of similar titles such as Slender: The Arrival on PC.

Who’s it for? Eyes is aimed at horror game fans, so make sure that you're into that sort of thing before signing up.

What’s it like? Try Dead Space and Soul for a couple of solid horror offerings. Just keep in mind that they're not really for kids.

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